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By Russell Kurhajetz
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Letter to the Editor


August 16, 2018

My name is Russell Kurhajetz and I am asking for your vote as a board of supervisors member representing District 2 of Carlton County's Soil and Water Conservation District. Because of timing, I am running as a write-in candidate. Sadly this means come election day you'll have to remember to spell my last name, Kurhajetz. While election day is more than a month away, some of you are voting early so I hoped to get this in front of you.

I am running because like many of you one of the key reasons I chose to live in Minnesota and specifically Carlton County is because of the land and water. I appreciate the wilderness and strive to help my children understand and appreciate it. One of the ways we do that is regular trips to Jay Cooke, or even walking around our community and yard. We catch and release tadpoles and lightning bugs, identify trees, and simply explore. This year we are volunteering as a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Citizen Stream Monitoring program. Weekly we are checking the Midway River in Esko and UNN Ditch east of Thomson. Learn more here:

As a board member I'd like to help pass this wonderment to other generations with the goal if in time that becoming respect and appreciation for one of the greatest strengths our community offers, it's abundant natural resources.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Russell Kurhajetz



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