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By A. R. Vander Vegt
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Recognizing the humanity in the arts

From the Editor


August 16, 2018

We all have our own ideas of what 'the arts' means. Some think of symphony orchestras, others picture painted masterpieces and others think of carefully crafted literary works. Maybe you think of film.

Whatever your preconceptions of ‘the arts’ are, this new page will seek to synthesize those ideas and shed a spotlight on the pieces of art you haven’t given much thought to before.

This area is rich with artists. Summer is filled with so many festivals and provides stages to regional groups. Coffeehouses host nights filled with music. Fairs display photography, drawings, paintings and more. Our local schools provide ample opportunity for creativity, from art class to band and choir to plays and class projects.

The aim of this page is to put arts-related events on the radar of Star-Gazette’s readers and to take a closer look at our area’s rich treasure of artists. Each month, the Arts page will offer a calendar of upcoming events and feature an artist, a group or related topic. If you know of something going on around the area, shoot us an email at or give us a call at (218) 485-4406. You are the people supporting the arts and participating in them.

A few months back, Jeanne Doty wrote into the Star-Gazette in praise of Strikepoint, a handbell ensemble. She wrote, “... good music can and must … remind us of our humanness.” This is true not only of music, but of art in general. Movies that we think about a little longer than mere entertainment, a photograph that pauses over an everyday interaction — these things stir up Something More in us. In these things we can find our own stories or hints of them. We find our brokenness, our longing for redemption — we confront the worst of ourselves and remember hope through the arts.

So keep your eyes open for the Arts page. Keep us informed of what’s happening around town. Let’s keep at the work of creativity and encourage one another in it.


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