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By Wick Fisher
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Jerry Jeff and a Tesla

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August 16, 2018

Folks, please bear with me for just one more year. You are not alone in the musical world if you love country and don’t know Jerry Jeff Walker. He may be the ultimate singer/songwriter from Austin but few people outside of Texas (Moose Lake is the exception) have even heard of Jerry Jeff Walker until I say the two magic words: "Mr. Bojangles.”

He once told me that he and Jimmy Buffet had an inside joke called “It only takes one.” He was referring to a hit song. In Jerry Jeff’s case, it was “Mr. Bojangles” brought to fame by Jesse Ventura’s Baja neighbors and his personal friends called “The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.”

For Jimmy Buffet, his one hit song was “Margaritaville.” Although both musicians have written and performed many other hit tunes, their one song brought them fame and if you had a good accountant, fortune. Jerry Jeff had enough left of his fortune last Saturday night to buy a Tesla.

When my friend Chris saw us drive up in our new Tesla Model 3, he said, “Jerry Jeff has been thinking about buying a Tesla. He specifically wants the Model 3.”

After the evening’s performance at the Zoo, we met up with the band at an undisclosed location. Too many fans have found out over the years where the band was staying and thus their private time disappeared faster than the margaritas. Our after-hours party had dwindled to Karen and me, our friends Bart and Julie and The JJW Band. We were enjoying the very cozy setting until Chris mentioned to JJW that we had just bought a Tesla.

JJW asked, “Is it a Model 3?”

I replied using Texan language, “Yup” I said.

“Is it here?”

“Yup” I drawled.

When he said “Let’s go see it,” I motioned for Karen to come along.

JJW later was heard to say, “The girl knows a lot about it.”

That is the main reason I brought her outside. She does know way more about the car than I do. I let her drive it the entire first week. My reasoning: One of us learns it (her) and then the following week the other driver (me) has her ride along. The reason for this is simple. The car doesn’t even have a hard copy manual. Everything you need to know is on the screen. Learning all of the functions and accessories is best done when the car is in park, not while driving.

When we handed over the large check and became part of the Tesla Family, I said to the salesman, “I just bought the safest car in the world, and I am afraid to drive it!”

“Oh, a lot of people say that,” he replied. “Wait until you learn it. You’ll love it.”

We have barely learned the many, many features on this space-age car, and we both say the same thing: “I absolutely love this car!”

Jerry Jeff didn’t actually say that same phrase but after sitting inside the car for 20 minutes and pushing every button that lit up, he was convinced enough to say he was going to purchase one. Every so often I would hear a “whoops” and even “I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

I convinced him that there was no way he could screw anything up. The next morning, I found out how wrong I was. Karen and I, along with Bart and Julie went out for a Sunday breakfast. It was mid-morning and the sun had already joined forces with the humidity. Not to worry though because Tesla is known for its quick and ice cold air conditioning.

Five minutes into the ride Karen remarked “Geez, it is hot in here. Are you hot?” she asked me.

“Yeah, I don’t think the AC is working right.”

Upon inquiry, Bart and Julie said that it was plenty cold in the back seat. Then we realized our butts and backs were as toasty as a heating pad.

“Jerry Jeff turned on the front seat warmers!” I exclaimed.

There must be a song in there somewhere.


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