By Lois E Johnson
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

To extend city water line?


August 16, 2018

The Moose Lake City Council approved being able to process credit cards at the monthly meeting of the council on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Credit cards can be used to pay city fees and other charges. City Administrator Tim Peterson said that the ability to process credit cards does not include the license office. It has its own system.

There was discussion about extending the city water line along Knollwood Drive. The residents along that street have had their own wells.

Peterson said that he had sent letters to a number of the residents along the street and heard back from a number of them. The estimated project cost was $150,000, and the letter stated that each parcel be assessed to fund the project.

“Some were for it and others were against the assessment,” said Peterson. “One resident said that the project should have been done long ago and she didn’t feel that the current residents should have to pay the assessments.”

A feasibility study was needed according to state statute, it was stated on the letter to the residents. The council passed a motion to conduct a feasibility study.

It was said that the feasibility study was expected to be completed within two months.

Peterson added that there is a rule that senior citizens won’t be assessed but the new owners will be assessed if the property is sold.

There was considerable discussion about the staffing in the library and the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Personnel Committee had considered hiring one person to fill both positions.

One person was approved for the part-time position in the DMV but the staff position in the library was still under discussion.

In the past, the library director also served as the technology coordinator for the city. However, the technology coordinator’s duties are being covered by CW Technologies starting in September.

Eleanor Eskuri of the Library Board met with the council to tell of the board’s process to examine the staffing at the library.

“The Library Board did research to find out how other libraries are run,” said Eskuri. “All of them are run differently. There isn’t a good pattern. The Library Board made a recommendation to continue to have a part-time library director.

“We looked at having a full-time library director that would be for Saturdays and additional coverage. The salary of a full-time director would still cost $20,000 more a year. We couldn’t afford that unless the levy was raised but that is not in the best interests of the city residents.”

No decision was made. Peterson asked residents to contact him with comments or questions. He also said that, if the position was not increased to full-time, it would be a period of six to eight months before the salary for the position would be reduced.

Deputy Clerk Katie Bloom reviewed the list of fees that the city charges for various services.

She said she had contacted other cities of the size of Moose Lake and found that the fees that the city charges are low.

For example, water and sewer connection fees have been $250. She recommended they be increased to $1,000. There is no charge for a right-of-way permit. She recommended that a $50 charge be applied. It was also recommended that the zoning fees be increased by $50.

The building permits listed were confusing. She recommended that they be rewritten.

The council passed a motion that all of the recommendations be accepted except license fees for cigarettes and liquor.

The next meeting of the council was set for Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 4 p.m.


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