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By Wick Fisher
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Three of a kind

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July 12, 2018

In the past three weeks, wedding bells were ringing in Brainerd, Minn., Ojo Caliente, N.M. and Lead, S.D. Not for me but for three of our family friends.

In poker you could say about these three weddings that you held Three Aces, Three of a Kind or maybe even you could say you were holding a Full House. Combined, the weddings were indeed Three Aces alright, but Three of a Kind they were not, for each held their own uniqueness. I’d prefer to say each wedding mate was holding a Royal Flush and there was not a poker face at the altar.

The preacher said, “No bluffing here today, folks. This is for real.”

A common poker expression, “Who needs a partner if you’ve got a good hand?”, did not play out at these three weddings.

It may be true that we can play our own hand in life and make our way just fine. Sometimes it only depends on the cards you are dealt. At other times, one can bluff their way through life holding a pair of deuces. But for those of us who are the lucky ones and have been blessed with a lifelong mate, the things one can accomplish in life grow exponentially when one becomes two.

Another one of life’s saying is “Behind every good man stands a good woman.”

In our marriage, the saying is “Behind every good woman stands a good man.”

Almost from the very beginning of our marriage, the traditional roles have often been reversed, beginning with my wife keeping her name.

Throughout life, I have always made my own bread and every other ingredient that makes a meal. My wife is now the breadwinner and makes the bread that keeps the Wheel of Fortune rapidly spinning. I am a very happy semi-retired caretaker of my home, wife and two dogs. Hey, guys! It’s one of the best jobs out there. Great work if you can get it.

Last Saturday, the lucky groom to be happened to be named Adam. Sure as heck, the Christian pastor took advantage of his name and proceeded to tell the Biblical version of Earth’s first Rib Fest. A small town in Texas does not exist that could hold a flame to the Rib Cookout Story the pastor laid on her flock of sleeping sheep. The pastor was simply reiterating the time told tale from Genesis about how God decided to give Adam a gift he called ‘woman’. I agree with this part of the story; Woman is indeed a gift to Man. Likewise, Man is indeed a gift to Woman.

I would like to ask my readers to grant me some literary freedom and spare the umbrage that can sometimes happen if people think their religious/spiritual beliefs are being challenged or ridiculed. In this particular wedding, the groom’s name just happened to be Adam and the bride was not named Eve. No ridicule is intended and I hope no offense is taken when I speak of this particular version of how Woman first appeared to the world.

If the groom hadn’t been named Adam and the bride was named Eve, I‘ll bet my three aces against any hand at the table that the wedding sermon would not have been told about ripping out a man’s rib to create a woman. Although there are some who take this Bible literally, many Christians regard some Biblical stories as allegory, parables, fables, myths and metaphors.

For Biblical literalists, I say, “May God be with you.” For mythologists, “May God be with you.” For pagans, agnostic and atheists, “May God be with you.” For those I may have left out, “May God be with you.” For the three couples I had the honor to honor, “May God be with you.”

My advice to the three grooms, “May God be with you when you tear into one of your ribs and try and make it into a saucy, spicy woman.” My advice to the three brides, “May God be with you and leave them ribs alone.”

Last month, Lady Luck played out her hand on a Minnesota lake, in the New Mexico Mountains and in the Black Hills of South Dakota where there once lived a young man named Rocky Raccoon who strolled into the room, only to find Gideon’s Bible.

Were these the stories of Three Blind Mice? I certainly hope not. The three couples knew what they were getting into. If they didn’t, then someone was holding a Dead Man’s Hand.


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Wiggy writes:

It is the very best and satisfying job a man can have. I am a house husband and proud to have that title.


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