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By Dan Reed
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Carlton County board assesses road damage after recent storms

An estimated $2.5 million has been washed away in the summer downpours


Carlton County Highway Engineer Jin Yeene Neumann reported major damage to CSAH 8 and CSAH 6 due to summer downpours in southeastern Carlton County during a Committee of the Whole meeting on July 3. Neumann estimates that 2.5 million dollars was flooded away during that period on County Roads.

St. Louis County Transportation Department stepped in to help with the temporary repairs.Trees continue to litter the road right of ways from Barnum east. State Highway 23 had a major washout in the Upper Nemadji Watershed.

Disaster funding from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is not possible without a higher level of loss and the governor declaring a State of Emergency. Frequent storms have ravaged other parts of the state. Redwood Falls has had high losses due to flooding and high winds. It is possible to combine damage areas in the state to qualify for an Emergency declaration and then funding from FEMA. County officials are in a wait-and-see stance and are hopeful that help will be provided.

Major discoloration is evident in Lake Superior at the Head of the Lakes. Water coming down the Nemadji and St. Louis Rivers remain clearer. Heavy damage in upper Wisconsin and east of Superior appears to have put most of the sediment into the lake. Some discoloration will come also from storms with high winds when the sand and silt from shallow waters boils into deeper water.

In a note of bad news, the Swede Lake Road upgrade, southeast of Cromwell, scheduled for this summer has to be postponed for an early spring bid letting. A computer foul-up in a transportation data base lost a lot of the data that had been collected for the project and now all that work has to be redone.

Changes are coming for handling lost dogs. The local Cloquet area pound will hold a lost animal for one day, reported Commissioner Dick Brenner. People with a lost dog are to look on Facebook for the Cloquet Shelter site and see if their dog is listed. After the first day has passed the dogs will be transported to Animal Allies who will hold them for four more days. No cats will be handled by the Cloquet Shelter site. These facilities have the technology to read an identification chip that has been installed by a pet owner.

The next Carlton County Committee of the Whole meeting will be on August 7 at 4 p.m. at the Transportation Building.


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