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By Lois E Johnson
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Change on Elm Street?

Current flow of traffic on Elm 'a problem' for trucks, council considers change, asks for public opinion


A poll about the direction of one-way traffic on Elm Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets is to be conducted, it was decided at the meeting of the Moose Lake City Council on Wednesday, June 13.

“It is time for the parking lines to be repainted on Elm Avenue,” said City Administrator Tim Peterson. “Does anyone want to change the direction of traffic on Elm to go the other way? Parking would remain on the same side of the street.”

Currently, traffic on the one-way portion of the street flows from Third to Fourth Streets. Councilor Mike Peterson said trucks have a problem with the direction of the one-way street.

People may vote on the city’s website or Facebook, and the question will be published in the Star-Gazette, it was said.

The council heard a request from the Save the Brays Donkey Rescue. Verlena Jones and Gale Lance met with the council to request that six people and four donkeys be allowed to camp near the Moosehorn River by Riverside Arena on August 7 during their walk from Hinckley in advance of Ma and Pa Kettle Days the following weekend.

“Typically, we don’t allow camping in the city other than in the campground,” Tim Peterson said.

The council approved the request to allow the group to camp by the river but stipulated it was a one-time use and a fire ring be used if there is a campfire. The group must clean up the site before leaving the next day.

Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm reported the police department has been very busy recently.

He spoke about the theft of copper wire from Moose Lake Power’s substation and a couple of other cases under review by the county attorney’s office.

He also spoke about needing a space for a private interview room. He said he will meet with the Moose Lake Area Fire Protection District board on July to ask for space in the firehall.

“We need a quiet space to interview victims of sexual assault, for example,” said Bogenholm. “We need to provide a better facility for our customer base.”

The council passed a motion to hire another staff person for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“With the new system it is taking longer,” explained Tim Peterson. “And there are more people coming. There will be more changes with the Real ID coming in a few months. Our current staff is unable to take breaks, sick leave and vacations right now.”

There was discussion about a proposal from SEH, the city’s engineering firm, for doing a study about the city’s wells.

“During an engineering meeting, there had been a discussion about moving the city wells from the current location to another location,” said Tim Peterson. “It is not a good idea. There has never been a problem with the quantity and the quality of the water from the wells in the current location.

“The study will look at water pressure in a couple of different zones, and whether water can be pumped to the water tower without a booster station. This is the work that leads up to the design of the new wells.”

A motion was passed to accept the estimate for the study in the amount of $22,700.

The letter Q on the Moose Lake Municipal Liquor Store sign has been missing for about a year, it was pointed out at the council meeting.

A motion was passed to direct the city administrator to follow up on replacing the missing letter.

There was also discussion about adding an on- and off-sale on Sundays sign. The city administrator was also directed to have the sign made and installed.

A proposal from CW Technologies was reviewed and accepted in a motion.

CW Technologies will monitor the city’s information technology systems.

“We will work on a one-time fee,” said Tim Peterson. “We can get out of it with a 30 days notice, if we wish.”

The council members discussed paving a portion of the ATV trail that comes downhill near the city shop. Tim Peterson explained that rocks on the pavement on the trail and washouts are a problem, and the only option for a solution that was found was to pave the downhill slope. The cost was estimated at $20,000. No decision was made.

In other actions, the council approved the cost of the fireworks for the Fourth of July at $7,490, which is the same as it was last year, it was said.

Earl Ellens Drive near the arena has been paved by Kiminski Paving at a cost of $22,537. The council approved the cost.

Possible dates for a joint meeting with the Moose Lake Township Board to discuss procedures for annexing small portions of land to the city has been proposed but Tim Peterson announced that no word about a meeting date has been received from that board.

The next meeting of the Moose Lake City Council has been set for Wednesday, July 11, at 4 p.m.


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