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Ketola puts in bid for Carlton County attorney


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Lauri Ketola filed candidacy for Carlton County attorney. Ketola was employed by the attorney's office in the 90s.

Lauri Ketola filed candidacy for Carlton County attorney on June 4.

Her filing, she shared, comes after encouragement "by many people from all facets of our community ... including members of law enforcement, social services, church and school friends and moms and dads who have raised their families alongside my husband and me."

Ketola graduated from University of Minnesota Duluth, completing her law degree at William Mitchell College of Law and kicking off a career in law at a private law firm near the cities.

In 1995, she and her family moved to Carlton County. She was employed at the Carlton County Attorney's Office until 1998. That experience served as a catalyst for her running for office now. "I really enjoyed the work I did while previously working there." She was an assistant county attorney, handling both civil and criminal matters.

Since that time, Ketola has also spearheaded a local Young Life group, which serves local high school students, volunteered with the Cloquet Police Department Citizen Advisory Board and raised a family.

"If elected, my goal is provide leadership to a team of attorneys, work in collaborations with other agencies and serve the community. I plan to understand the needs of the recent county jail assessment study and help implement the recommendations. In addition, I plan to work diligently to improve the drug epidemic in our community," Ketola wrote in an email.

"I will show up ready to work. I will work hard. I will lead with integrity and I will seek to implement justice for this great community."

Ketola faces incumbent attorney, Thom Pertler, on the ballot. Election day is Tuesday, November 6.


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