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By Natascha Watercott
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Council will make a decision on road repair next month


At the May 7 Willow River City Council meeting, Jason Pearson from Fahrner Asphalt was present to discuss road repairs, specifically crack sealing a number of roads in town, and scrub sealing, which would only take place on Park Drive.

At last month’s meeting, Todd Anderson, public works, had discussed the need for crack sealing a number of streets; he noted it had been many years since this had been done. Asked if he could do it himself, Anderson had responded he didn’t have the proper equipment for major crack sealing, though he might be able to do some small repairs. The council had asked Anderson to get a few estimates for the May meeting.

“Park Drive has an abundance of cracks on it to the point where crack sealing probably isn’t the most cost effective way to take care of that road; it is old enough that I would recommend having a surface treatment on it as well,” said Pearson, who noted Park Drive was one of the worst in town.

He explained that the scrub seal process is a combined crack filler and surface treatment that will fill in cracks and help prevent cracking in the future. Ideally, it should last 7-10 years.

The council also received estimates from two other companies, Kiminski Paving Inc. out of Barnum and Seal Tech Inc. out of Cambridge. Council members noted these two companies had not provided estimates for everything they wanted, and they would like to receive a few more estimates before reviewing them and making a decision at next month’s meeting.

Sewer pond repairs

Councilor Vickie Whitehouse gave a brief flood update. She stated there is no new information about the dam; however, work on the city’s damaged sewer ponds had begun on the previous Monday. Whitehouse said the project is on track and projected to be completed by October 30.

The ongoing primary pond repair project aims to replace the existing damaged secondary pond with a new primary pond after it was damaged during a flooding event in the summer of 2016.

Fire department update

Fire chief Gerard Bennett reported the fire department had received new SCBAs (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses). He explained they had been training with the new equipment and they have been put into service. The old equipment is being gradually phased out, and the fire department is looking into either selling them or giving them away.

The fire department is working on a 2018 Department of Natural Resources (DNR) matching grant of $10,000; they have already matched $5,000. The grant is for new radios and pagers.

Bennett stated that recruitment for the fire department is still an ongoing process. They are currently up to 14 crew members. Bennett said they would ideally like somewhere between 16-20 members and are still looking for more volunteers.


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