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By Natascha Watercott
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Willow River approves revised co-op agreement


At the May 15 Willow River school board meeting, the board approved the revised Moose Lake Willow River Rebels Sports Cooperative agreement. Board member David Prachar explained they have added corrections, made additions and subtractions, added clarification to the old agreement; they just needed to improve it.

“It was an interesting exercise,” said Prachar regarding working with Moose Lake on the new agreement. “It was a good one. We had good cooperation. We had some major issues that were initially not resolved. We worked through all of those and we’ve arrived at this agreement … There was a lot of time and effort put into that.” The Moose Lake school board will also be discussing the agreement at their meeting.

The major pieces that were added to the agreement include the inclusion of junior high sports, a mission statement, and definitions of various terms used throughout the agreement. Prachar pointed out the definition of the administrative host was especially important as it clarifies who is responsible for the sports under their charge and defines the roles of each administrative host.

“Terminology is critical. In the old document, it was really a mess; we talked about liaison, we talked about cooperative. We had all kinds of terms in there. Essentially, that is why the definitions really brought things together,” said Prachar.

Other changes include taking out one act and speech from the cooperative events category, which lists which athletic activities are within the jurisdiction of the cooperative, and switching over several sports.

Boys and girls track, which has historically been the responsibility of Willow River, has been moved to Moose Lake; Moose Lake will be the administrative host. Likewise, Willow River will now be the administrative host to girls basketball, which was historically a Moose Lake sport.

Board member Susan Grill questioned why Moose Lake has eight sports listed and Willow River has five. Board member Connie Mikrot agreed that it did look unbalanced, but explained that this wasn’t entirely the case.

“The same amount of scheduling goes into boys cross country and girls cross country; It’s one meet — one event,” explained Mikrot, noting, for example, basketball (girls taking place at Willow River and boys taking place at Moose Lake) for girls and boys have separate schedules, requiring more administrative work, meaning that the work would balance out as boys and girls cross country could essentially be counted as one item.

Other business

Assistant to the Elementary Principal Nikki Molis reported that elementary students are finishing up spring benchmarking for FastBridge testing. She noted the student assessment system, which is used to monitor student progress in reading and math, is much more user-friendly than their previous system, AIMSweb, and gives a better picture of the child as a whole.

She also reported that on Thursday, May 24, the elementary spring music concert will be held in the auditorium, one at 9 a.m. and one at 12:30. On May 31, kindergarten graduation will be held 12:30-2 p.m. in the auditorium.

Secondary Principal Gregg Campbell reported that prom and post-prom had both been a success. “All reports are that it went very well,” said Campbell, adding that he wasn’t aware of any incidents and that he had heard a lot of good things about post prom, which had a good turn-out.

“Prom itself is an insane undertaking. The amount of work that the students put in — and the amount of work that our eleventh grade advisors … They put a ton of time in,” said Campbell.

The board approved authorizing a contract with Wildstar Properties to lease a softball facility for 2018-19 at a rate of $1,592 per year; Secretary-Treasurer Bruce Bohaty abstained from voting due to financial interest in the contract.


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