Moose Lake/Willow River softball briefs


April 26: Grand Marais: MLWR 7 Cook County 3

WP: Lilli Skelton 4IP, 3ER, 6H, 2K, 1BB. SV: Laura Walker 3IP, 0ER, 4H, 3K, 2BB

LP: Abbie Crawford 7 IP, 5ER, 10H, 3K, 4BB

MLWR: Jamie Benzie 2x5; Lauren Pederson 1x3 (2B); Josie Benzie 1x4, 2R, 2RBI; Suzy Grutkoski 3x4, 2RBI, SB

CC: Harleigh Linquist 3x4; Abbie Crawford 1x3 (2B)

April 27: Wade, Duluth: MLWR 12 Denfield 8 in 9 innings

The Rebels scored 7 runs in the 7th to erase a 8-1 deficit and force the game into extra innings. Then Lauren Pederson hit a two out grand slam in the 9th to win it 12-8. Lilli Skelton pitched 5 2/3 innings in relief to get the win.

WP: Lilli Skelton 5.2IP, 1ER, 5H, 1K, 1BB. Sarah Chrisy 3.1IP, 3ER, 5H, 3K, 2BB.

LP: Gracie Anderson 8.1IP, 5ER, 10H, 1K, 6BB.

MLWR: Jamie Benzie 2x5, 2R; Dallis Kukuk 2x4, 2R, 2RBI; Lauren Pederson 3x5 (HR), 3R, 4RBI; Josie Benzie 2x6, 2R; Suzy Grutkoski 2x5; Rachel Christy 2x5, 2RBI.

DD: Bella Larson 2x4, 3R, 2SB; Kaya Nelson 2x5; Lindsay Johnson 2x5, 2RBI.

April 30: at Willow River: MLWR 16 Pine City 0 in 4 innings

WP: Laura Walker 4 IP, 0R, 3H, 2K, 1BB

LP: Isabelle Helseth 3IP, 8ER, 13H, 3K, 2BB

MLWR (5-2): Lauren Pederson 3x4 (2B, HR), 3R, 4RBI; Suzy Grutkoski 2x2, 2RBI; Rachel Christy 1x3, 2RBI; Laura Walker 2x2 (2B), 3R, 2RBI; Josie Benzie 2x2 (2B), 2R, 3RBI; Tana Korhonen 2x3, 2RBI.


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