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By Dan Lingle
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

A strong season's start for softball


Dan Lingle

Thursday, April 26, the Lady Bombers to the Rebels' field to host the Two Harbors Agates, as the Barnum field was still underwater.

Dan Lingle

Lea Peterson found her way on to base early for a strong Bombers start. She then stole second base, putting herself into scoring position. Elizabeth Carlson put the Bombers on the score board first as she stepped up to the plate and swung the aluminum, sending the ball flying over the left center field fence - one of two home runs she would get that night. With two runs on the board, the first inning ended. In the second inning, Peterson again found her way onto base. Mallory Agurkis got on a bag, setting up Elizabeth Carlson for her second swing. Carlson drove another long ball over the center field fence for a three-run home run and her second homerun of the night. The Bombers racked up another three runs in the third inning, but hit a dry patch in the fourth. Rachael Barnes made her way around the bases for the Bombers ninth run in the fifth inning. The Agates would get one last chance in the sixth inning to find a way to score on the Bombers.

The Bombers finished the game as they scored their 10th and final point ending the night with a 10-0 victory in the sixth inning against the Agates.

The ladies continued to power their way through the Braham Bombers 19-9 on April 27. On April 30, the Lady Bombers prevailed 12-2 over the Panthers of South Ridge.


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