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By Lois E. Johnson
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Volleyball practices will stay in Moose Lake


The Willow River School Board passed a motion to continue junior high volleyball practice in Moose Lake. Their decision was announced at the meeting of the Moose Lake-Willow River liaison committee meeting on Monday, April 23, in Willow River.

Last year, the junior high volleyball practices were held in the side-by-side gyms in Moose Lake while construction was still under way in Willow River.

Beckie Jackson, the volleyball coach, met with the liaison at its last meeting in Moose Lake and told the committee why she favored having the practices in Moose Lake. One of the main reasons was that the teams could use the side-by-side gyms and she could cover both as a coach.

The liaison committee went through the cooperative agreement once again and made language changes. The Willow River School Board Chair, Dave Prachar, took the completed changes in the agreement to both the Moose Lake and Willow River school boards at their May monthly meetings for approval.

A cover page and a table of contents will be added to the final agreement. A copy of the agreement with the changes printed in red, and another copy of the final agreement will be presented to the board members of both schools for approval, he said.

The discussion turned to wrestling.

People involved in wrestling, which is held at the Willow River school, have requested the sport be sanctioned as a school sport. There are 30 kids involved in the sport, ranging in age from four to 16 or 17, it was said.

Prachar reported the Willow River School Board has decided it would not be sanctioned at this time as a school sport.

Robert Indihar, the Moose Lake school superintendent, spoke about the recent survey taken in the Moose Lake school.

“There was very low interest,” he said. “In winter, if one hockey player decides to take wrestling, the hockey team is shot. We have to guard our sports. If we don’t have enough kids to make a team, we are doing ourselves a disservice.”

Indihar went on to say there is interest in other sports, such as lacrosse, and the school wants to provide as many different activities as possible to the students but the number of activities mustbe limited to ensure there are enough students for teams.

Bruce Bohaty pointed out students who are not hockey players need another interest.

“It is reality,” he said. “You’d like to take care of the kids who do not participate in other sports.”

The next liaison committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 20, at 5 p.m. at the Moose Lake School to hear a report about the spring sports, and the full committee with all of the members of both school boards will meet on Wednesday, July 18, at 5 p.m. in Willow River.


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