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Demonstrators opposed to Line 3 protest on Enbridge property


April 12, 2018

Photo courtesy Denise Reed

Protestors demonstrated peacefully after trespassing on Enbridge-owned property, Monday, April 9. Enbridge officials allowed protestors to stay. No property damage was reported.

A group of protestors, reportedly associated with the group Catholic Workers Movement, trespassed into the pipeyard in Automba Towship on Monday, April 9, to protest the proposed Enbridge Line 3 replacement pipeline project. The yard gates had been locked and No Trespassing signs posted.

According to a statement from the Carlton County Sheriff's Office, a call to 911 had been received at 9:06 a.m. The caller stated that there were approximately 20 to 30 people trespassing on Enbridge property inside the fenced area. Deputies were sent to the scene and found 20 people inside the fenced area. Representatives of Enbridge also responded and allowed the 20 people inside the fence to remain.

The protesters spent the day and were still there in the mid-afternoon when the press release was sent out. They were peaceful, cooperative, and holding signs stating their opposition to the pipeline project, it was stated on the press release. The sheriff's deputies cleared the scene. Enbridge will call the sheriff's office if there are any pubic safety concerns. There has been no damage to property as a result of this incident.

At press time Tuesday morning, April 10, the pipe store yard on the Automba Road, County Road 6, one mile west of Highway 73 and four miles north of Kettle River, has no protesters within the fence or on the adjoining county road. The security lights, installed some months ago are on. Reports from neighbors are that the lights lit up the whole neighborhood.

There appear to be Enbridge staff and pickups in the pipeyard working. At this time there are no reports of violence or damage to Enbridge property. No one has been arrested.

Lois E. Johnson

Demonstrators were reportedly associated with the Catholic Workers Movement.


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