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By Lois E. Johnson
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Football practices will be held at old school's baseball field


April 12, 2018

Both the boys and girls basketball varsity and junior varsity teams did well this season, Head Coaches Dustin Wright and Wes Cummins reported to the Moose Lake-Willow River Liaison committee at the meeting on Tuesday, April 3.

“The varsity doubled the win total from the previous seasons,” Wright, the girls’ coach said. “The junior varsity won the majority of the games. In the future that consistency will pay off.”

Cummins reported that a lot of the younger players on the boys basketball teams lettered. One student, Avery Kosloski, a senior, came just short of 1,000 points.

“Seven kids had a 3.7 GPA or above,” said Cummins. “It is nice to see students above a 3.0 GPA. They had an extremely tough schedule. I was pretty proud of that. There are really good basketball kids coming up. Everything gets easier. That makes it fun for our basketball coaches.”

At the conclusion of the reports, the Moose Lake Athletic Director Tony Andres announced that the basketball coach contract for Cummins would be renewed but the contract for Wright would not.

Moose Lake Superintendent Robert Indihar reported that the buyer for the old Moose Lake school has agreed to allow the Moose Lake-Willow River football teams to practice on the baseball field, located north of the old school, this fall.

“I think it is a good solution,” he added. “The players will be confined to the locker room area. There will be construction in the rest of the building.”

Andres added the football teams will be using the girls’ locker room in the old school.

There was considerable discussion about where the volleyball teams would practice.

Indihar said Beckie Jackson, the coach, felt strongly about keeping the practices in Moose Lake, where she could work with the varsity and junior varsity in the side-by-side gyms.

“It builds unity,” he said. “Scrimmages are available for the eighth grade with the C team. There is less lost equipment and it more convenient for the coaches.”

The argument brought up by a Willow River liaison and school board member in a previous meeting that less students from Willow River would participate didn’t hold true.

“The ironic thing was that we got more kids from Willow River this year than when they practiced in Willow River,” Indihar said.

Willow River School Board and liaison member Bruce Bohaty continued to maintain that the schedule should return to what it had been before this past year when the practices were moved to Moose Lake.

“We were in a construction mode last year,” he said. “There was no gym available. But to return the volleyball practices to Willow River balances out the sports hosted by each of the two schools.”

Jackson said she feels passionately that the practices should remain in Moose Lake for several reasons: ease of recruiting junior high coaches, submitting reports, more convenient for eighth grade practices, the eighth grade being able to scrimmage with the C team, and ease of constant communication with the Moose Lake Athletic Director Andres.

The Willow River Athletic Director Dave Louzek agreed.

“I agree with everything that she says,” he said. “It would be easier to communicate if the practices were held in the two gyms. But you will make the decision that you are going to make.”

After more discussion, Willow River Board Chair Dave Prachar said it was a decision that needed to be made by the board.

“We will go back and discuss it, make a decision and put it to rest,” he said. “I don’t know why we are talking 50-50 (50 percent of the sports hosted by each school). We don’t have a 50-50 population.”

“It’s less about being equal,” said Moose Lake Board Chair Steve Blondo. “It is more about being equitable.”

The committee is still discussing updating the cooperative agreement between the two schools and set a meeting for Monday, April 23, at 6 p.m. at the Willow River media center. The full boards of the two schools will attend.


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