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By Lois E. Johnson
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Old friends, new location


Lois E. Johnson

Manager Kendra Metz shows one of the consulting rooms at the new Thrifty White pharmacy.

The new Thrifty White pharmacy at 60 Arrowhead Lane is spacious, with a large selection of over-the-counter items on display right inside the door.

In a walk-through of the new building, manager Kendra Metz showed the amenities of the new store.

Two restrooms are available to customers, and a large counter in the back of the store section has two drop-off stations and two pick-up stations for prescriptions, as well as an area where a pharmacist can speak to a patient. All have partitions for privacy.

Three consulting rooms on the south side of the building allows a pharmacist to meet with patients in private to discuss medications, education about how to take the medications, review the list of medications, for immunizations or vaccinations, and other needs.

"We treat the whole patient," said Metz. "We want to make sure that everything is going to work together well. You can have face-to-face education with the pharmacy team members that you know. We will be training our team for their new roles to help our patients."

The employees from both pharmacies, the one at the clinic and the one on the corner of Arrowhead Lane and Elm, will work together at the new building. Two others have been hired, said Metz.

"The patients will still see the friendly faces that they know," she added. "We will have a blood pressure machine in the store so people can keep an eye on their blood pressures. We also have durable goods, such as canes."

A large selection of greeting cards are displayed on the north wall, and a limited amount of other stationary items are also available.

In the back of the store are the shelves for medications. A long counter is where the pharmacists will fill the prescriptions.

People will be able to stop at a drive-up window on the south side of the building and pick up their prescriptions instead of coming into the pharmacy.

"That will be good when someone is ill and doesn't want to expose other people to the illness, have just had surgery or if there are sick children in the car," said Metz.

Another change is the pharmacy will be open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. A spacious parking lot can accommodate many vehicles.

In addition to patients that come to the pharmacy, medications can be mailed for free, said Metz. Overnight delivery is possible if the medications are needed quickly.

The pharmacy also provides medications for 500 long-term care patients in the area.

Lois E. Johnson

The pick-up windows offer a measure of privacy.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony to open the new pharmacy will be held on opening day on Monday, April 9. Metz invited anyone to stop in that week to pick up give-aways and sign up for door prizes.

As she looks forward to the opening of the new store, Metz spoke about the two Thrifty White pharmacies that have served the community in the past.

"Both stores have had a lot of history and growth,' she said. "I will miss not being at the clinic, but we will continue to have a good partnership with them.

"I love this place. It is exciting. It is all fresh and new and it will provide more opportunities to our patients."

On April 9, patients can call Thrifty White at (218) 485-4401, although a call to the clinic pharmacy, 485-2111, will be redirected to that phone number.


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