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By Natascha Watercott
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Windemere votes: Wesley & Danelski


March 22, 2018

Resident Alan Overland was again chosen to head up the March 13 annual Windemere Township meeting. Overland commended the large number of voters who came out this year.

John Wesley was elected Township Supervisor with 346 votes, and Scott Danelski was elected Township Clerk with 268 votes. Residents ultimately voted no to the creation of a township administrator position with 404 against and 110 in favor of it.

The board set the levy at $400,000, comprised of $200,000 Revenue and $200,000 for roads and bridges. This is a substantial reduction from last year’s levy which was about $700,000. Treasurer Ron Mossberg noted that for the last nine years, the township has had more revenues than expenses.

The board changed the regular monthly meeting date to the second Thursday of the month instead of the current first Thursday of the month. It will be held at the same time, 6:30 p.m. Mossberg stated that moving the meeting date a week later will help ensure the township can pay bills on time as the current date can be inconvenient.

“We only meet once a month, and checks can only be approved, written and sent out once a month, and so a lot of invoices and bills are sent at the end of the month. The clerk doesn’t get them until after the cutoff, and then we start getting late fees … We can do a better job paying our bills if the meeting was moved a week later,” said Mossberg.

The time for the annual election and meeting was left as is: The election will take place 1-8 p.m. The annual meeting will follow at 8:30 p.m. The official township newspaper was also set; the board agreed to run minutes and legal notices in the Moose Lake Star Gazette and the Evergreen.

The board received a letter from Family Pathways requesting donations. At last year’s annual meeting, the board approved setting aside $5,000 to be used for donations, with the stipulation that the board try to ensure these donations benefit Windemere Township. Overland noted that Family Pathways provides volunteer services throughout Pine County and recommended that the board take a look at the matter at next month’s meeting.

Kelly Goeb, chair of the Mercy Hospital board in Moose Lake, gave a brief update on the Moose Lake Community Hospital District and the tax levy. In 2017, the hospital finished with a 1.5 percent positive margin, up from -0.1 percent reported at last year’s annual meeting. One of the district’s goals in order to remove the levy is to have the operating margin be above 2 percent for three consecutive years. Goeb stated they haven’t hit that mark yet, but she doesn’t foresee any increases in the levy, currently set at $500,000, over the next few years.

Goeb also reported that Mercy Hospital in Moose Lake recently received a National Outstanding Achievement Award in rural health for excellence and innovation in health care for becoming a baby friendly hospital.


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