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By Tim Peterson
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Putting some rumors to rest

Moose Lake City Administrator


March 22, 2018

It is my hope to address some of the rumors flowing through the area and even impacting local elections.

First and foremost, the city of Moose Lake is not looking to annex Moose Lake Township through the process referred to as a “hostile annexation”. This was never the intent of the study that was done, nor the public hearing being called. The intent was to have an open, honest and respectful discussion about any number of topics related to combining our communities and include factual information presented to everyone. Anyone is welcome to speak for or against the issue at hand. The process was also set up so that the public could hear from the elected officials, rather than finding out misinformation through rumors. This is also why we released the study the city had completed two months prior to the public hearing. We want the public to be informed, to hear everyone’s questions and for there to be an open dialogue among our community.

Next, the city of Moose Lake is absolutely not trying to annex Moose Lake Township to get to Windemere Township. This claim is disrespectful to the citizens in Moose Lake Township who deserve for this discussion to revolve around our two communities only. We have not had one discussion about annexing Windemere Township because it is not even a possibility.

We are not looking to force water and sewer extensions and connections. If an area does not have any interest in water and sewer, why would we pay millions of dollars to bring it to them? If you are interested in having city water, that can be discussed with all interested parties, but not forced upon anyone.

We cannot force any subdivision and sale of land for housing or commercial developments. This is up to each property owner, but it is generally difficult to do without access to city water and sewer which is where we come into the conversation.

We will not ban hunting where hunting is safe. The city of Moose Lake currently bans hunting and firing guns within city limits because there is no safe place to do so currently. If the two communities are combined, hunting will still continue just as it always has.

An important part of this conversation is that there are two communities involved in this discussion, not just one or the other. As we have seen through the Fire District and Hospital District, there can be benefits to combining efforts and working together towards common goals. The Moose Lake area is home to many jobs, a school, hospital, shopping, etc. We all use the parks, library, depend upon the Police Department and countless other amenities. I think we all want what is best for our community; this discussion deserves to be had in an open forum with input from all sides.

Finally, with all of the rumors floating around I just urge people to keep an open mind and ask about their concerns rather than continuing to pass on rumors to the next person. We are having a public hearing April 11, but if you ever want to have your questions answered feel free to call City Hall.

I hope to see residents of the city of Moose Lake and Moose Lake Township on April 11.


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