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By Lois E. Johnson
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Bumps in the road

Moose Lake School Board discusses athletic complex complexities


March 22, 2018

Concerns about the track were discussed at the monthly meeting of the Moose Lake School Board on Monday, March 19. A plan for softball fields and other facilities at the athletic complex were also discussed.

Superintendent Robert Indihar listed the issues: the permeable versus impermeable track, the longevity of the company, the school district had paid out $63,000, and disagreement between the architect and construction manager.

The preliminary asphalt track at the new school was completed last fall but the track surface still needs to be applied. The bid documents call for an impermeable surface and the contractor, Upper Midwest, had quoted a permeable track, said Indihar. The company did not follow the specifications of ARI, the architects.

Jay Palmeroy of Anderson – Johnson Associates Inc. met with the board to speak of his experience in working with the contractor that had built and paved the track.

“The owner of the company has only been in business a year and a half,” he said. “The track system should have a five-year warranty. That warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. You should also have surety bonds to cover the extended warranty.”

Palmeroy explained that the nephew of the people who had owned the business since 2009 purchased the business and reorganized it recently.

The attorneys for the school district and the attorneys for Boldt Construction are being consulted about the issue and if it was possible to recover the funds that have been paid.

Palmeroy explained that the track also has to be certified.

“If someone breaks a record on your track, it needs to have been certified,” he said. “Certification of track striping is what I hold them to.”

The impermeable track system is a better system, he told the board.

“Water tends to get into the voids in a permeable track, and it expands and contracts,” he said. “If the track has an impermeable surface, it lives a longer life. You can put multiple systems on top.”

Palmeroy recommended that a black polyurethane surface be applied to the top of the track and a rubberized red paint be applied in a few years.

“The bottom line is, I don’t think that you got a bad system,” said Palmeroy. “I recommend that you go with the base bid of $103,000 and the black mat on it. In a few years, you can go with the red rubber-impregnated paint to seal off the system.”

Palmeroy also presented concept drawings of the ECFE playground, softball fields, parking lots, a concession stand, fieldhouse, stadium seating and a softball field complex behind the school. The drawing also included a loop road around behind the school building to the bus garage.

Estimated costs were listed: $200,000 for the ECFE play area, $100,000 for the loop road behind the school, $75,000 for the asphalt parking lot by the softball area, $800,000 for the four-field softball pinwheel, $325,000 for stadium lighting, $325,000 for stadium grandstand and press box, $100,000 for baseball grandstand, $800,000 for concessions/tickets/restroom/storage building and $200,000 for teams rooms/storage building. A parking lot just off the existing parking lot was also shown.

A “pie-in-the-sky” building that would include space for concessions, ticket sales, restrooms, team rooms and storage did not have an estimate listed, nor a total project cost. The items with the estimated costs adds up to $3,025,000.

The board discussed hiring Anderson – Johnson Associates but it was said that it would double up the services as Boldt Construction is the construction manager. No decision was made.

Indihar reported that he has been getting estimates from contractors about a pole building for storage behind the school. The building has to be engineered, and Morton is the company that engineers buildings.

“I want the building done by June 20, the date that we sell the old school,” he said. “We need to get stuff out of there and need to store bigger things. But that is not going to happen.”

Indihar also explained that he has not been able to set up a Do-Bid auction. He said that he has talked to the people that will be buying the old school and said they preferred not to have an auction in the building for fear that it will be damaged in the process.

However, there is a possibility that the company that is buying the old school may purchase the excess exercise equipment not needed in the fitness center at the school.

In other business, the board approved the revised 2017-2018 budget; approved a Memo of Understanding to place Ann Haugen on an unpaid leave of absence from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021; approved the recommendations of the Finance Committee; approved the resolutions to terminate Lee Costley and Alyssa Elliot, both probationary teachers; and approved setting up a sick leave bank for AFSCME employees.

The next meeting of the Moose Lake School Board was set for Monday, April 16, at 6 p.m.

The members of the liaison committees from both Willow River and Moose Lake will meet at the Moose Lake School on Tuesday, April 3, at 6 p.m.


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