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MLPD makes drug arrest


February 1, 2018

Jeremy Lee Castle, 36, Grand Rapids, was arrested on January 26 in Moose Lake and charged with five counts: drugs, first degree – sale - 17 grams or more – cocaine or meth within a 90-day period, a felony; felon in possession of a firearm, a felony; felon in possession of a firearm and/or ammunition, a felony; possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree, a felony; and driving after revocation, a misdemeanor.

According to the criminal complaint, a Moose Lake police officer was on routine patrol at the Kwik Trip in Moose Lake when he observed a pickup truck pull into the parking lot with an extremely loud exhaust. When the driver of the truck pulled up to the side of the store, he saw the officer and did not get out of the vehicle.

While the officer was in the store, the vehicle left without the driver ever getting out.

The officer followed it and confirmed the violation of loud exhaust. He stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as Castle. Castle told the officer his driver’s license was presently revoked. The officer confirmed that and, as he spoke with Castle, he observed indications of impairment.

A hypodermic needle was found in a pocket of Castle’s clothing and multiple hypodermic needles were observed in the vehicle, as well as a 25 caliber pistol with a full clip in the center console. Castle admitted that he was a convicted felon and also acknowledged the presence of the handgun.

The officer observed blood in some of the hypodermic needles and asked if there would be meth residue in the hypodermic needles. Castle responded in the affirmative.

As officers searched the truck, they found a duffle bag that had several baggies of what appeared to be marijuana. Castle indicated there was approximately three pounds of marijuana in the bag.

The Moose Lake police officer asked if Castle had any additional contraband on his person that could lead to additional charges once he was booked at the jail. Castle indicated he had methamphetamine inside his pants. The officer advised him it would be retrieved once they arrived at the jail.

However, once they arrived at the jail, the officer went to remove Castle from the squad and discovered methamphetamine on the back of the seat and floor of the vehicle that Castle had removed in an attempt to dispose of the meth before being booked at the jail.

The officer and jail staff retrieved as much of the discarded methamphetamine as possible. It tested positive for meth and had a gross field weight of approximately four ounces. The approximate two and a half pounds of marijuana also tested positive.

Castle was previously convicted of felony crimes of violence, including a fourth-degree controlled substance crime on May 8, 2017.


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