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By Lois E. Johnson
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Facilities Committee discusses athletic complex


January 25, 2018

The athletic complex at the new Moose Lake Community School, the old school and problems that still need to be resolved at the new school were all topics at the meeting of the Moose Lake School Facilities Committee on Tuesday, January 16.

There was discussion about the layout of the fields for softball and baseball and a practice field for football. It was said there will be no sports played on the fields to allow time for grass to establish.

A concept drawing for the layout of the fields was discussed. Architectural Resources Inc. (ARI), the school district’s architect, had presented a layout in the past. It was suggested representatives from ARI and the landscaper, Peterson Companies, meet and develop cost estimates.

“We can get the numbers and bring the community in,” said committee member Jamie Jungers. “What add-ons do they want?”

The track on the athletic complex is under construction, and basic construction of the softball and baseball fields is underway. But more facilities, such as a concession stand/restrooms/storage building is not possible with the funds currently available. A parking lot is also needed.

The board continues to discuss holding a bond referendum to finance completing the athletic complex.

“Our kids deserve better,” said Jungers. “The softball field should be a better field. We have to go ahead with this.”

There was also discussion about developing the field behind the school for the students to use for recess and other needs. A road would have to be built to access that area, it was said.

A parking lot off of Konieska Road, the road on the south end of the property, was suggested, along with a building that would house showers and storage.

Superintendent Robert Indihar spoke about the old school and a potential buyer. If the buyer purchases the property, the purchase would include the baseball field, he said.

Meanwhile, the bills have been higher than expected.

“Our water bill was higher at the old school than at the new school,” he said. “There was water running in the old building. That has been shut off.

“The heating bill is similar to last year. We had the heat turned down. We learned the people in the school contributed to the heat in the building. There is a guy who shuts down buildings. He will stop and talk to me.”

Indihar told committee members the business renting the elementary office is growing and has requested more space. He added they were elated when they learned they could rent a classroom.

Equipment in the old school is being sold to other schools, said Indihar.

The sale of the Family Center, located on Elm Avenue, has been held up because of a restriction that it could not be sold for 25 years after receiving funding. There is still two or three years left of those 25 years.

“Sen. Tony Lourey is working on legislation to erase the restrictions on the sale of the building,” said Indihar. “The buyer bought another building, but the buyer still may buy it, if the finances work out.”

Indihar also said he was going to meet with Boldt Construction in Cloquet the following day to discuss a punch list of issues in the new school that still need to be resolved.

The room numbers need to be displayed on the windows, in the event of an emergency, said Indihar. He is going to ask Jon Lower of Image Design to complete that task, he said.

The next meeting of the Facilities Committee was set for Monday, January 29, at 10 a.m., following a Finance Committee meeting at 9 a.m.


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