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By Wick Fisher
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Lie enough, it becomes reality

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January 18, 2018

Last night our country watched a football miracle. Our beloved Minnesota Vikings, at least for one game, has broken the curse that has kept us from winning a Super Bowl. The 61-yard miracle play that put the Vikings one step closer to the Super Bowl will be played in our very own billion dollar glass ship called U.S. Bank Stadium. One can’t help but notice the glitz and glitter when sports and money collide to bring entertainment to our blessed country.

On the other hand, last week another monumental moment took place behind closed doors that labeled a Caribbean country and the entire continent of Africa with what I will politely re-name, “The remains at the bottom of the outhouse.” It’s been a week since our trash-talking president spent time bashing people so unlike him in wealth and color that I actually believe his words don’t come from a place of hatred. They come from a place of extreme ignorance.

Have you noticed that after a few days of non-denial passed, the words, “I didn’t say that,” became our president’s statement? Is anyone surprised? Is anyone surprised that after a long quiet week, one of his cohorts and defenders now claims, “I was there in the room and that isn’t what he said.”

Tell the lie enough times and it becomes the reality we live by. This isn’t a partisan thing. Democrats Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara fed us the Vietnam lie long enough to kill 50,000 of my friends and fellow soldiers.

The term Trump used, which was far worse than “The remains at the bottom of the outhouse” wasn’t even a lie. It was simply the way our president thinks and talks. Enough Americans liked his “tell it like it is” attitude to propel him into the most powerful office in the world. Is this really how our country wants to be defined?

I should still be jumping for joy this morning because my beloved Vikings are just one step away from playing in the Super Bowl. However, my ecstatic mood was tempered when I read the story about the New Orleans Saints player who literally gave away the winning touchdown by miserably failing to do his job. His task was simple. The play should have ended at the spot of the catch. The defender failed for reasons unknown even to him.

Last night, Minneapolis and Saint Paul joined with jubilant fans from Pipestone to International Falls, yelling, screaming and hugging each other. When the jumbo screens at the Wild hockey game and the Timberwolves basketball game showed the play, pandemonium erupted. We had just witnessed one of the greatest plays in the history of the NFL. While Vikings fans were enjoying the moment, one lone New Orleans Saints player sat in his corner of the locker room with a white towel hiding his face. He, too, was emotionally out of control. He wasn’t crying tears of joy. He was sobbing because of his failure. One by one, his fellow Saints gathered around him in a show of support.

Meanwhile, over at the White House, one by one, we also have people gathering around our emotionally defunct leader, offering their support. “He didn’t say that” is slowing becoming the mantra of America’s false truths.

My people, “The remains at the bottom of the outhouse,” are loudly screaming also. But these are shouts of outrage, not cheers of joy. I call them "my people" because that is exactly who was being referred to. My daughter-in-law’s family escaped terror on their journey from Sudan through Lebanon, Syria, Zimbabwe and Zaire until they finally reached America 10 years later. Many books could be written about their family story. One book would tell how Adau, as a 10-year-old, unknowingly carried a roadside bomb to her friend’s house as a birthday present. Another book would tell how her people, refugees from “The remains at the bottom of the outhouse,” are now Americans with the father, mother, sister, brother and my son’s wife, Adau, all sporting college degrees.

What will I call my grandchildren?

“Oh, they are part English, Irish, and German,” I will reply. “Their other half is from a country called “The remains at the bottom of the outhouse.”

Our country is emotionally out of control. We too should be sobbing our failures. It’s up to us to silence the ignorance and gather around “The remains at the bottom of the outhouse” to show our support. We need to stop perpetuating the lie. He is what he is. You got what you voted for.


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