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Difference of opinion

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November 2, 2017

We each have our own opinions. Without them we would simply be a mass of tin soldiers marching to the same drum. No two people on the planet think alike, act alike or even look alike, identical twins notwithstanding, and we have free will.

In America, we have the freedom how to express our constitutional rights. I used that freedom to place my short neck on a long chopping block a month ago when I spoke about my freedom of speech. The Star Gazette and especially my editor have blessed me with a very long leash in which I can roam about in the world of thought. For that I will be forever grateful because deep down I have always cherished America as the place where I can speak more openly than almost anywhere else on the planet.

I knew that before I wrote my column about football players taking a stand by not standing, but rather kneeling, during the playing of our National Anthem. What got lost in the message was the fact that what started out as a statement protesting the unfair treatment of one segment of society was masterfully turned into a disrespect for our flag, our military, our President and Vice President, and seemingly God, guns and apple pie.

The original message is gone forever and in my opinion the distraction that turned this statement into a matter of disrespect of the military was deliberate. Now, why on earth would I write a column that was almost guaranteed to garner vitriolic and rancorous venom against expressing my constitutional rights in the manner in which I did? Well, obviously I did not write it to win any fans or followers. I have enough of them. I get fan mail. It usually comes in the form of emails to the newspaper, or like yesterday, a phone call asking to talk with me. I returned the call for a friendly chat with a person new to the community wishing to have a congenial conversation with a like-minded individual.

What I would like to see at the Star Gazette is letters-to-the-editor. That was my sole intent on writing what I did. I deliberately rattled the cage of flag-waving patriots and also those who prefer to express patriotism by guarding our constitutional rights.

I thank Jim and Judee who both expressed their opinions in a letter-to-the-editor. First Judee, your statement was thought provoking for me and that is exactly what I wanted. Jim, you need no lessons in writing or expressing your opinions. You do that often and get your point across quite well.

This letter you wrote offers the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions surrounding the person known as Wick Fisher. Although it is true that as Gary Fisher I was a Postmaster and I do receive a small government pension, only two-thirds of my time as a public servant was spent with the USPS. I spent most of my time as an administrator, Sexual Harassment Officer, columnist of Ask the Postmaster and a small amount “sorting letters and selling stamps.”

The rest of my public service career included four years with the DNR, three years with the Dept. of Commerce, two years with US Army Airborne and my favorite, a year as Technology Director at the Minisinaakwaang Leadership Academy for the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibway. Not a single one of those public service positions contributed to my pension. I became a public servant to do just that; serve the public, not to make lots of money. I get a small pension and I have to pay for health insurance just like everyone else.

Realistically though, one makes way more money in the private sector. I retired from the Moose Lake Post office on a Thursday. By the following Monday, I had two new jobs and one new business. Since then I have started four businesses of which three are active today. But those are not the real reason I got affordable fifty-yard line tickets. I will give you three clues how to do this; website, corporate tickets and timing.

Jim, you are the finest example I could give of someone who has changed the course of events by writing letters-to-the-editor. You continually stated opposition to building a new school in Moose Lake. With the combined fortunes of Mother Nature and the Minnesota legislature, Moose Lake was offered a deal they couldn’t refuse. When you jumped on board and offered your support with a letter-to-the editor, I can only imagine many voters followed your endorsement. For that I sincerely thank you. The taxpayers of the Moose Lake School District owe Jim and his letter writing a twenty million dollar thank you.

You too can make a difference. Although this subject will get no further replies, I encourage you to write us a letter.


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