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By Scott Olson
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Rebels run at last regular season meet


October 26, 2017

Scott Olson

The Moose Lake/Willow River/Barnum senior cross country runners, front: Hunter Olsen, Leah Rhoades, Maddy Gamst, Maddy Stadin and David Webb; back: Mark Fossum, Lucas Koecher, Ethan Olson, Levi Schoenrock and Levi Skelton.

On Tuesday, October 17, the Moose Lake/Willow River/Barnum Rebels Cross Country team headed just up the freeway to the Proctor Lions Invite. It was a beautiful evening to run, but unfortunately, it was another wet course due to recent rains. The risk of slipping in wet spots hampered the runners, causing them to lose the rhythm of their run. Once off tempo, they'd have to get back into pace on dry ground, only to hit another wet spot further along.

Proctor has always been very generous with medals and ribbons given to the runners in each race. They end up giving the top 15 varsity runners medals, the top 15 junior varsity runners ribbons and the top 40 junior high runners ribbons. The races had both A and AA teams running at the same time, but the results were separate, as were the medals and ribbons. If you do the math, for the girls and boys races, that is 60 medals for varsity, 60 ribbons for JV and 160 ribbons for junior high.

This was the last meet of the season for everyone, but the varsity teams that will be at Sections this week.

The Rebels varsity and JV girls started the evening off with Ashlee Siegle of Marshall School winning the varsity race in 20:13.0. The varsity girls team ended up fifth out of nine schools with Kelli Granquist receiving a medal for 11th in 21:54.9; followed by Kyra Heaton, 20th in 22:59.8; Savannah Gamst, 25th in 24:01.3; Delaney Koecher, 29th in 24:11.0; Sarah Michels, 32nd in 24:25.3; and Meghan Granquist, 41st in 25:50.0.

The girls JV team finished third out of 11 schools and Maddy Stadin received a ribbon for 10th in 25:48.1; Rayna Klejeski, 21st in 27:02.6; Ella Rhoades, 28th in 28:30.5; Leah Rhoades, 29th in 28:34.5; and Kelly Crump, 34th in 29:31.0.

The Rebels varsity and JV boys were up next with the varsity team having a third place finish out of 12 schools. The winner of the race and receiving a medal was Rebel Ethan Olson in a time of 16:43.5. Also receiving a medal was Lake Doran, who was eighth in 17:55.5; with teammates Tan Dipman, 17th in 18:29.0; Danny Whited, 18th in 18:37.0; Maverick Koecher, 22nd in 18:45.4; Spencer Lower, 31st in 19:19.7; and Johnathan Danelski, 32nd in 19:20.1.

The junior varsity boys notched another first place out of 10 schools with five runners receiving medals. They were Henry Collier, second in 19:33.3; Lucas Koecher, ninth in 20:36.2; David Webb, 10th in 20:36.6; Sam Stadin, 11th in 20:38.9; and Wheeler Anderson, 14th in 20:51.1. The other JV runners were Joseph Mikrot, 24th in 21:40.0; Levi Granda, 27th in 22:03.1; Levi Skelton, 32nd in 22:33.5; Hunter Olsen, 33rd in 22:37.0; Everett Gamst, 34th in 22:48.7; Levi Schoenrock, 45th in 23:41.5; Carl Halverson, 52nd in 25:13.2; Blake Overland, 54th in 25:32.7; and Anson Vargo, 58th in 26:26.5.

The junior high runners only ran one lap, compared to the three laps the varsity and JV ran. The junior high girls had Anna Molis getting a ribbon for 30th in 10:16.4. The junior high boys had two runners receiving ribbons: Conner Clausen, fifth in 6:38.5; and Davin Leino, 15th in 7:02.3; with Sam Collier finishing 47th in 8:37.2.

This was the last meet of the season for all the runners except the varsity teams who will be running in the Section 7A championship on Thursday, October 26, in Cloquet.


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