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By Dan Reed
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Revenues continue to rise with sales tax


October 19, 2017

Carlton County Auditor Paul Gassert reported at the October 10 regular meeting of the Carlton County Board of Commissioners, "We had anticipated that sales tax monies for county road improvements would come in at about $1.8 million/year. Sales tax receipts depend on local economic activity, recreational people, the snowbirds and the traveling public that stops to spend money during their trips. Revenues have continued to increase and are now approaching $2.4 million/year. Everyone pays for transportation upgrades rather than using the property tax revenues."

Carlton County Engineer JinYeene Newmann was quick to comment, "Carlton County Transportation has worked on those dedicated county roads above the No. 100 on our list approved for 1/2 percent funding that were in poor shape but took less funding to repair. Now we have roads on our list that need major upgrades and will be quite costly to rebuild. We are happy with the extra revenue, but may have to borrow some short-term funds if those projects are done in one construction year or plan for a two-year, two-step construction plan."

County board chairman Gary Peterson asked Carlton County Coordinator Dennis Genereau when the jail study will be ready. Sheriff Kelly Lake responded, "The 155-page report is ready for the board this week. It takes some time to read and study."

Peterson then commented, "It has been quite a while. We thought we would see it in the spring."

Director of Health and Human Services Dave Lee reported, "The ACT team (Assertive Community Treatment) has finally been staffed. There is 24/7 coverage in Cloquet and Moose Lake through the HDC (Human Development Center) when intervention is needed for the mentally ill and chemically dependent. How to work with the mentally ill and chemically dependent that are incarcerated is still a difficult issue. There are no treatment beds in Carlton County and the beds in St. Louis County are usually full. There should be a major discussion on which direction to go."

The Carlton County Planning Commission is holding a joint public hearing on Wednesday, November 1, at 7 p.m. at the Transportation Building for public comment on amendments to Zoning Ordinance No. 27 on sign regulations and Zoning Ordinance No. 32 on renewable energy. Of interest, there will no longer be a $10 fee for signs covered under this ordinance because collection is not cost effective. New regulations for ground solar gardens have been added. Solar panels on roofs do not need a zoning permit.

Sam Huhta for the 5th Commissioner District and Byron Kuster as at-large members were reappointred to the Planning Commission. Randy Crestik was reappointed to the Solid Waste & Recycling Advisory. Jack Ezell, Howard Eskuri and alternate Tom Skare were reappointed to the Board of Adjustment.


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