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By Scott Olson
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Rebels cross country team = family


October 5, 2017

Scott Olson

Sisters, brothers and cousins of the cross country team, front: Meghan Granquist, Kelli Granquist, Ella Rhoades, Jacob Danelski and Johnathan Danelski; middle: Maddy Gamst, Everett Gamst, Savannah Gamst, Maddy Stadin and Sam Stadin; back: Delaney Koecher, Maverick Koecher, Lucas Koecher, Henry Collier and David Leino. Not pictured: Leah Rhoades and Sam Collier.


Webster's Dictionary has many definitions of family, from being a group of individuals under one roof to a group of related plants or animals forming a category. The one I believe fits the Moose Lake/Willow River/Barnum Rebels cross country team, for that matter any Rebels sports team, is, "A group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation." For any new individual joining a team, they come in with apprehension on where they will fit in. Some find it easy while others find it difficult, if not frightening. Thus comes the duty of the older, more experienced kids to step in and show them the ropes and what they need to do to succeed and help the team.

We come from an area where everyone seems to be related somehow to a fellow teammate, whether that be brothers, sisters or brother and sister, with cousins thrown in. Because of these relations, each team is stronger. If someone is having a bad race or game, there is always family around to pick you up, if that be a relation or just a teammate.

Continue to help each other, during both good and bad times, and you will succeed as the family you know you are.

On Thursday, September 28, the Rebels cross country team once again headed north, this time to the Hibbing Rotary Invite. The races were set up with the varsity and JV running 5km and the junior high running 3.2km. The top 10 varsity runners received medals. This meet also had a few AA schools, but they were scored separately from the A schools in varsity and junior varsity, but combined for the junior high races - yes, it is somewhat confusing.

With the course already wet from past storms, the rain that started falling a few hours before the races were to begin was not needed. It was raining as the teams arrived, but by the time the first race started, the sun was out with temps around 55 degrees. Unfortunately, the course was very wet and muddy in many spots, making for hazardous footing. The mud only got worse in these spots as each race took place, with multiple laps made during each race. Traction along the many corners that the racers had to make left them with the decision to either slow down or wipe out, which did happen to some runners. After the race, runners stood in the creek washing the mud off their legs and shoes, while others could not let a good mud puddle go to waste and ran and slid through them.

The Rebels girls varsity and JV started off the muddy races with the varsity team finishing seventh out of 18 schools.

The winner of the girls varsity race was Ava Hill of Mesabi East in 18:52.6 beating the next runner by 96 seconds. She has been to most of the races the Rebels have been to where she was dominant in winning them. Just missing a medal was Rebel Coriella Sheetz, finishing 11th in 21:59.2. Kelli Granquist was 17th in 22:22.1; Kyra Heaton, 26th in 22:43.9; Savannah Gamst, 42nd in 23:35.5; Delaney Koecher, 70th in 25:22.6; Rikimae Duevel, 71st in 25:22.8; and Maddy Gamst, 78th in 25:48.0.

The JV girls did not have enough for a team, but Maddy Stadin finished 11th in 27:26.5 and Kelly Crump, 35th in 31:50.7.

The Rebels boys varsity team placed fifth out of 20 schools while the JV was second out of 14 schools.

The varsity race was again won by Geno Uhrbom of GNK in a time of 16:52.5 with Rebel Ethan Olson finishing second in 17:18.1. Lake Doran finished 25th in 18:59.5; Maverick Koecher, 33rd in 19:06.9; Tan Dipman, 34th in 19:08.1; Danny Whited, 36th in 19:09.4; Johnathan Danelski, 53rd in 19:53.7; and Wheeler Anderson, 80th in 20:58.4.

The JV boys had Spencer Lower finishing eighth in 21:10.7; Lucas Koecher, ninth in 21:14.4; Sam Stadin, 10th in 21:18.2; Henry Collier, 12th in 21:24.4; Joseph Mikrot, 21st in 22:40.0; Hunter Olsen, 22nd in 22:45.4; David Webb, 28th in 23:08.6; Levi Skelton, 37th in 23:52.3; Levi Granda, 41st in 24:19.7; Carl Halverson, 51st in 25:01.7; and Anson Vargo 67th in 26:53.3.

The junior high girls had three runners, with Rayna Klejeski finishing 16th in 15:04.5; Abby Erwin, 40th in 16:51.2; and Anna Molis, 72nd in 22:46.2.

The junior high boys had four runners, with Everett Gamst finishing 15th in 12:54.5; Davin Leino, 24th in 13:08.6; Connor Clausen, 25th in 13:20.6; and Sam Collier, 100th in 16:23.1.

Next up for the Rebels is the 67th Swain Invite in Duluth on Saturday, October 7, the Polar League Conference in Grand Marais on Wednesday, October 11, the Proctor Lions Invite on Tuesday, October 17, and the Section Championship in Cloquet on Thursday, October 26.


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