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By Scott Olson
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Who is under the old straw hat?


September 14, 2017

Scott Olson

This ratty old straw hat travels with the captain of the Rebels cross country team.

For those who have been attending the Moose Lake/Willow River/Barnum Rebels cross country team meets over the years, you may have noticed a ratty old straw hat worn by the boys team captain; it is currently worn to the races by Ethan Olson.

Back in 2012, a senior on the team named Tyler Hoffman started wearing the hat. Being he was the only senior boy on the team, he was looked upon as the boys captain. At the end of the season, he passed the hat on to the next captain for 2013, Gage Mohelsky. At the end of each season since then, the hat has been passed on, thus starting a tradition for the boys team captains.

Mohelsky passed it to Asa Spicer, who passed it to Nick Furey, who then passed it on to Joe Bustrak, who, last year, passed it to Olson, who now wears it proudly. A comment was made by the awards announcer at the team's last meet, stating it was a fine looking hat; everybody got a good laugh. The hat has traveled many miles over the last five years and will see many more.

On Thursday, September 7, the Rebels cross country team was in Coleraine for the GNK Titan Invite. In this race, the junior high boys and girls ran 2.5km and the top 15 received ribbons. The junior varsity runners raced with the varsity runners in a normal 5km distance. The top 15 in the JV race also received ribbons with the varsity eighth through 15th getting ribbons and the top seven getting medals. Once again, it was a beautiful evening to run.

In the Rebels boys varsity race, the team had a fourth place finish out of 15 teams. Greenway won the meet, followed by Grand Rapids and Brainerd, both AA schools. The winner of the race was Geno Uhrbom, a ninth-grader from Greenway, in a time of 15:48.0, who was followed by Rebel Ethan Olson in 16:29.9 with teammate Tan Dipman 18th in 17:41.4, Lake Doran 22nd in 17:58.1, Danny Whited 23rd in 18:02.6, Mark Fossum 27th in 18:14.8, Maverick Koecher 44th in 18:59.6 and Henry Collier 57th in 19:52.4.

As of September 4, on the website the Rebels boys varsity team was ranked 12th in the state.

In the Rebels girls varsity race, the team had an eighth place finish out of 13 teams. Leading the Rebels girls team was Coriella Sheetz, 20th in 21:37.6; Kelli Granquist, 27th in 22:07.2; Lexi Tekippe, 44th in 23:13.2; Sarah Michels, 47th in 23:33.6; Kyra Heaton, 51st in 23:51.9; Sammy Gruwell, 62nd in 25:08.6; and Maddy Gamst, 64th in 25:12.5.

The junior varsity boys team had a fourth place finish with David Webb 18th in 20:22.9, Jonathon Danelski 20th in 20:23.1, Wheeler Anderson 21st in 20:32.8, Spencer Lower 23rd in 20:43.4, Grant Pettit 48th in 22:11.0, Lucas Koecher 54th in 22:35.9, Hunter Olsen 58th in 22:40.4, Levi Granda 59th in 22:42.3, Levi Skelton 61st in 23:03.9 and Anson Vargo 80th in 27:19.6.

The JV girls team had a second place finish behind Brainerd. It was Delaney Koecher sixth in 25:52.5, Rikimae Dueval seventh in 25:54.1, Meghan Granquist eighth in 25:55.3, Kelly Crump 18th in 30:55.5, Ella Rhoades 19th in 31:16.2 and Leah Rhoades 20th in 31:18.

The junior boys had Sam Stadin sixth in 9:00.9, Everett Gamst 14th in 9:26.6, David Leino 35th in 9:51.6, Cardin Privette 42nd in 9:59.3, Connor Clausen 44th in 10:00.5, Joseph Mikrot 46th in 10:08.2, Carl Halverson 54th in 10:45.4, Blake Overland 80th in 11:22.9, Sam Collier 83rd in 11:29.7 and Blake Oquist 90th in 19:24.1.

In the junior high girls race it was Rayna Klejeski 10th in 10:51.2 and Anna Molis 46th in 15:00.7.

Next up for the Rebels was a meet on Tuesday, September 12, in Mora to be followed by a meet on Tuesday, September 19, in Grand Rapids. The Milaca Mega Meet is then set for Saturday, September 23.


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