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By Lois E. Johnson
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School starts with 29 new students


September 14, 2017

Twenty-nine new students have started school in the new building, reported Superintendent Robert Indihar to the Moose Lake School Board at a special meeting on Wednesday, September 6.

That increase in students has resulted in large class sizes in the elementary, he added. The projected income from the additional students will cover the school district's deficit and fund the cost of another teacher.

“At this point, we can easily justify splitting the fourth grade into three sections,” he said.

The total number of students in each grade are: 55 in three sections of kindergarten, 45 in two sections of first grade, 53 in two sections of second grade, 52 in two sections of third grade, 59 in two sections of fourth grade, 58 in three sections of fifth grade and 56 in two sections of sixth grade.

The board passed a motion to hire one teacher.

Indihar announced that the custodial supervisor has resigned. The board accepted the resignation. The position has been posted.

The board passed a motion to increase a part-time housekeeper to a full-time housekeeper.

Another half-time person will be hired, it was said.

Indihar also said staff people need to be hired to cover the lunch shift when the secretary is out of the office to cover the point of sale position in the cafeteria. Because of the new security system in the school, someone has to check in visitors. The position would be for an hour and a half a day.

The board agreed to hire someone by consensus. Indihar said he will look into it further.

There was a discussion about the sports liaison committee. Jamie Jungers of the Moose Lake School Board and Dave Prachar of the Willow River School Board had planned to meet the following Monday to discuss a new contract between the school districts.

“We are in the process of purchasing a lot of track equipment,” said Indihar. “Who is responsible for that?”

Entrances to the school property from County Road 10 have been reduced, said Indihar.

“We have four entrances, but we can only have three,” he said.

The entrance to the small parking lot by the early childhood wing is being replaced with a road from the bus garage driveway.

Indihar also said the residents across the street from the school have requested a crosswalk across County Road 10.

“I'm getting the cost of the crosswalk,” he said. “It will also count for points for Safe Routes to School if we have a crosswalk.”

The large parking lot in front of the school was not painted correctly.

“We are looking into the narrowness of the parking spots,” said Indihar. “They were supposed to be nine feet wide but they are eight feet.”

Jungers said he had suggested in the past that the entire area in front of the school be paved.

“If you take out the green space, there would be another 30 spaces of parking for the teachers,” he said. “Look into the cost of paving the grassy area and leave space for the flagpole and sign.”

Indihar reported the city is interested in taking over the baseball field by the old school and maintaining it.

“The city wants it for a Little League field,” he added. “For Little League, they don't need as much outfield. They plan to make a parking area. Think about it.”

Indihar also discussed once more the amount of funds left for the storage buildings and baseball field by the new school and how best to use the funds.

He added the sale of the family center on Elm Avenue is proceeding and should be completed in November. The funds gained from the sale would be added to the funds for the projects.

“If there are funds for extra things, like bases and dugouts, we need to decide what to get,” he said.

Fencing from the baseball field that had been on the site before the school was built has been saved and can be used for the new baseball field, he added. He will check with the landscaping company about the fencing.

The board approved a quote from Peterson Companies, the landscaper, for the baseball field in the amount of $103,200.

The next meeting of the Moose Lake School Board has been set for Monday, September 25, at 6 p.m. in the board room of the new school.


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