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By Eddie Jane Pelkey
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Each beginning is a new adventure

Escape with Eddie


September 7, 2017

Autumn is coming and with it comes a new school year and the crisp October football weather. Summer is almost gone and alas it was a cooler than usual season at best. Although the rains kept the grass growing at an unbelievable rate, the garden veggies have not done so well. I must say, though, my yard is looking better than it has for quite a while. A lot of foliage has been trimmed back and the edges of the gardens are no longer raggedy sprigs of weeds.

Tomorrow, Ginnie and I are going to Duluth to get her Minnesota driver's license. On the way, she and a friend are stopping at a travel agent to book a winter trip to the Caribbean. Lucky souls. I also may book a trip for myself, but I am going to wait a little bit to see if I can find a travel companion to go with me. Actually, I wouldn’t mind going by myself, because I am kind of solitary, however, there are times when it’s just fun to have someone else along for the ride.

I feel like I have been homebound forever this past year. It’s time to get out, spread my wings and do something fun.

I will be picking up my new car this coming Tuesday in South St. Paul. My son, Rob, has found the perfect vehicle for us. My old Aztec has 234,000 miles and my sons worry about me driving to the Cities in it. So, I’m finally caving in and purchasing a new one. Of course, I am keeping the Aztec, as it runs great, for an old lady starting to show her age. Good grief, even my badge of honor, the deer dent in the right front fender, is six years old. The way I figure it, if you haven’t been run over by a deer, you aren’t a northern Minnesotan.

New beginnings are cropping up all over. My granddaughter, Erica, moved to Florida. She has decided to spread her wings and live in a new environment for a while. I cheer her on in her quest to do new things. Life really is an adventure. When you are young, it is the time to travel to new places and discover new things.

Being as how I love to travel, visiting Florida is something I enjoy. Erica and I share a passion for Key West, so I am thinking this is probably the year I will return to that little island and enjoy the ambiance. There’s nothing quite like sipping a brandy, smoking a Cuban cigar and listening to the uproarious carrying-on at the Hog’s Breath Saloon on the corner. I always stay at the Curry Mansion on Caroline Street, where the breakfasts are fabulous and happy hour is accompanied by a piano player playing old show tunes. The Key West Bookstore is a fine place to find southern writers and to people watch.

This fall and winter will be quite different as it begins. Donald has been gone since last January and I am beginning to finally get some of my zest for living back. The year has been difficult, but I feel I am beginning another life as a widow.

When I look back over the last 79 years, I realize that each of us has many lives within our lifetimes. There is childhood, teen years, young adulthood, marrying and child bearing, carving careers, working and wondering if you’ll ever retire, and then comes retirement. I feel like I have lived so many differernt lives at any of those times.

Each time our lives change, it is a new beginning. Each beginning is a new adventure as we go forward and continue to experience the joys of life. Life itself is experiencing the day to day activities as we move ever forward. Life is also those big moments when we rediscover ourselves and the changes we make.

At each beginning I have experienced I have realized my faith in God has been what has helped shape the changes. It is important to really appreciate each day as a separate gift. Enjoy nature and all the beauty around us, as it is a wonderful and bountiful gift to each of us.

Each day is the new beginning of life’s adventure.


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