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By Eddie Jane Pelkey
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Looking forward to Sunday afternoon

Escape with Eddie


August 24, 2017

Starting on Monday, Sunday afternoons are the time of the week we look forward to. I always associate Sundays as those lazy days of summer when you sit and watch the clouds roll by in the heavens. I think of Sundays with chickens roasting in the oven and stopping for coffee after church. When Don and I lived in East Bethel, we raised Cornish mix hens. They were the greatest tasting chickens I have ever eaten. I would thaw the chicken overnight on Saturday and set the oven to prebake, so when we came home the house was filled with the aroma of dinner in the oven.

Nowadays, I sit on the deck drinking coffee while the three dogs run around the yard. I can always count on Stardust, the brown Doxie, to get lost as soon as I start to read or relax. She’s always easy to find, though, her main objective is the compost pile behind the garden. This dog is a never-ending pit of appetite. How a compost pile could entice anyone’s palate is beyond me. Still, it makes the search for the dog a lot easier.

Today I sat out there reading a mystery written by Jill Churchill. She has several series, but the one I really like are the "Grace and Favor" mysteries set in Voorburg, New York. This fictitious place is just down the road from Governor Roosevelt’s home on the Hudson. A brother and sister, whose father committed suicide after the 1929 stock market crash, are left with an inheritance of just $800. Neither has ever had to work for anything and now they are on their own trying to survive. They see an advertisement in the Times asking for them to contact an attorney in Voorburg. To their surprise, they find they have inherited an estate on the Hudson. The story evolves to reveal there are a few restrictions to the will. They have to live in the house for 10 years before they inherit the bulk of the estate, which is considerable. The adventures the two face, as they learn how to support themselves, is quite a journey.

I love to read books in a series. In a sense, the characters become friends of the reader. I love the Lillian Braun, "Cat Who" books. They feature Jim Qwilleran (spelled with a "w") and two Siamese cats. Alas, Braun died, and now there are no more adventures forthcoming. Books and characters become old friends very quickly, especially if you are a voracious reader like myself. I have the entire series of these books and read them over and over. My library is once again in disarray; I do try to alphabetize, but sometimes it gets away from me. Still, when I’m in the mood to read, I have a large collection of books at hand. I should add, my sister Ginnie moved in with her own considerable library.

Laura Childs is another wonderful writer. Her books are set in Charleston, South Carolina; New Orleans, and a small fictitious town south of the Twin Cities. I have never liked hard core police drama. I suppose I am too aware of how nasty serious crime really is, since both my late husband, Don, and my son, Rob, are retired police officers. I prefer the cozies. These are stories that involve ordinary folks who just happen to like sticking their noses in murders. These types of books are featured on the Hallmark Channel on Sundays. Some of the stories are written by writers that I collect. Some are even set in the heartland of Minnesota.

Reading is a typical Sunday event for me now. I still have a numb and tingly middle finger on my right hand from the recent carpel tunnel surgery. So, writing at this point can be somewhat uncomfortable. However, when you have an imagination as vivid as mine, writing stories is a must-do thing.

As a final note about this particular Sunday, I had a salesman at my door wanting to demonstrate a vacuum. I ask you, is this the way a Sunday afternoon should end?

This is a day of rest. No vacuuming, please.


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