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By Wick Fisher
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In one form or another, we will carry on

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August 10, 2017

It’s good to say, “It’s been a fun summer.” As usual, my wife and I will agree with that statement. We have traveled and we have also spent our weekends in the garden. We have had many gorgeous summer days alongside some lousy weather. Some rainy days the wind blew hard, the thermometer dropped and the sun refused to shine. In a perfect world, a magic dragon named Puff would huff and puff and send our extra rain west to my home state of South Dakota, which needs it more than us. Moisture is lacking in enough of America’s breadbasket to make one wonder where French baguettes will find their grain. Don’t worry, this always happens. The Midwest is known for the saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait one day.”

Today's downpour stopped the sliding Minnesota Twins Sunday game just long enough to leave the other team’s pitcher with a stiff arm. In a whacky ballgame decided by the last of many home runs, fun had returned to the ballpark as the Twins came back to erase a first inning 5-0 deficit for a 6-5 victory. Today’s ever-changing climate affects more than just professional sports games. Baseball happens to be the most common one cited as you will rarely see a football or basketball game called because of rain or blizzards. They can actually make a game more exciting, watching two football teams slip and slide their way around a grass field drenched by rain. Better yet are the games when rugged individuals endure "whiteout" conditions to find a goal line when they can’t even see the goalposts.

Making the point that climate can adversely affect our summers or enjoyment of sports is a very minor representation of how climate change affects the daily lives of humans worldwide. Increasingly, famines caused by droughts and flooding caused by torrential rains are bringing to the forefront the very real phenomena that the earth is experiencing a change in climate. This is undeniable. What can be legitimately questioned is what is causing it.

Almost every scientist will attribute the cause to our addiction to oil, specifically the burning of fossil fuels. Many climate deniers claim the earth has always experienced climate change. Politically, this causes a problem because both sides are right. While we watch our polar regions melting as never before, we have yet to relive the dust bowl days of the 1930s.

You will notice I have continually used the term climate change as opposed to global warming. That is for a reason. The scientist or journalist responsible for calling the meteorological change affecting the planet today "global warming" did the scientific world a disservice. It allowed for logical discussion to be tossed by the wayside.

The best illustration came the day a politician appeared with a snowball in his hand. For him and many Americans, a one day snowstorm that occurred out of season was proof that global warming was a fallacy and simply a way for scientists to justify their jobs. The problem with this scenario is it shows only one day’s weather. Climate change is weather that is studied over a long period of time. Currently scientific study has been pushed aside, which assures climate change will happen even sooner than predicted.

Our goal as humans should be focused on how to ensure human life continues on a planet that is culpable to human activity. I was a believer when JFK said we can put a man on the moon. I also believe one way or another, we can keep humans on the earth. For example, we have a billionaire spending his hard earned money creating a ship that will not only scoop up gigantic piles of plastic circling the oceans, it will be able to condense and process it into a usable form. That is human ingenuity at its finest.

We tend to think that no genius the like of Albert Einstein has appeared in the past century. The reality is that many men and women are living among us creating technology, computers, iPods, rockets, drones and even Alexa. These are the things Einstein dreamed of. Today’s scientists, businesses, students and everyday people are bringing The Genius’s dreams to life.

Humanity is more resilient and creative than we give ourselves credit for. In one form or another, life shall carry on.


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