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By Al Rose
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Mustangs cruise to wins


Al Rose

Amber Lehti protected the plate to roll one that became an error for the game-winner on Monday, June 26.

The Mustangs cruised to a 10-3 win over the Chaos in a five-inning time-limited game on Wade 6 in West Duluth on Monday, June 26. The Mustangs out-hit the Chaos 9-2 as Raeann Barney and Lilli Skelton combined for a two-hitter, allowing only one hit each. Two Mustangs drew a walk and none of the Mustangs struck out.

Barney pitched three innings with seven strikeouts, three walks and two earned runs on one hit. Lilli Skelton earned a save as she pitched the last two innings with one strikeout, one walk and one earned run on one hit.

The Mustangs' only error did not subsequently score. The Chaos committed five errors and two of those runners subsequently scored. The Mustangs had four steals and they cashed in on three of the thefts. The Chaos had two steals and cashed in once. The Chaos stranded one base runner in scoring position. All five of the Mustangs base runners were stranded in scoring position.

Kayla Behrman had her third good game in a row as she had a one-RBI single, an infield hit, two runs scored and had one steal. Rachel Christy had a pair of one-RBI singles and she scored one run. Dallis Kukuk had a one-RBI single, scored one run and she racked up three of her team's four steals. Amber Lehti had a one-RBI double. Barney had a one-RBI single and she scored one run. Jordan Jokinen had an infield hit and she scored two runs. Jamie Benzie had a one-RBI single. Laney Danelski had a fielder's choice RBI. Liz Risacher scored one run and she had one steal. Sami Nylen scored one run.

Mustangs win over Rails

After an 8-0 lead, the Mustangs had to hold on to beat Proctor 8-6 back on Monday, June 12. This time around, in a reach between two good teams, the Mustangs had to take advantage of an error on their final at-bat to squeak out a 6-5 six-inning victory on Wade 7 on Monday, June 26. The Mustangs are still undefeated at 8-0.

The Mustangs out-hit the Rails 10-4, including one double by Raeann Barney and one double by Sami Nylen. Kayla Behrman made it four good games in a row as she had two one-RBI singles. Proctor had no extra-base hits. The Mustangs walked three times and struck out three times.

Lilli Skelton pitched the first four innings with one strikeout, three walks and five earned runs on four hits. Barney earned the pitching win as she came in with the score knotted at 5-5 and was lights out for the final two innings. Barney fanned three, walked none and allowed no hits or runs.

The Mustangs were the home team and fired it up right away for the win in the bottom of the sixth. Rachel Christy led off by ripping her second single of the game through the left side for the Mustangs' 10th hit. Amber Lehti, who had a single earlier in the game, got into a spot where she had to protect the plate, but she was able to reach for an outside and low pitch and got enough of it to hit a roller to the shortstop. The throw to first was a bit low and not dug or blocked. As the ball rolled away, Christy raced all the way around to come across for the winning run at 6-5.

Proctor had one error on a throw down on a dropped third strike and the runner subsequently scored. The Mustangs escaped half of their four errors as two runners subsequently scored. The Rails cashed in on one of their two steals. The Mustangs cashed in on their only steal. The Mustangs stranded only three runners, including two in scoring position. Proctor stranded five, with all five being in scoring position.

The following represents hits, RBIs, runs scored and steals for the 8-0 Mustangs: Christy, one-RBI single, single, scored game-winning run; Behrman, two one-RBI singles; Barney, double, scored two runs; Lehti, single, drove in game-winning run with error; Liz Risacher, one-RBI sacrifice bunt; Jordan Jokinen, single, reached on error, scored one run, one steal; Nylen, double; Dallis Kukuk, infield hit, scored one run; Skelton, scored one run.

The 8-0 Mustangs take a break over the Fourth of July holiday, but they are scheduled to be back in action on Monday, July 10. The Mustangs play a somewhat unknown entity as they take on the Twin Ports Rampage Green for the first get-together between two of the top teams on Wade 7 in West Duluth at 5:30 p.m. The evening's second game is a rematch against a good MN Blast 15s team that the Mustangs beat only 3-1. That game is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Wade 6.


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