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By Lois E. Johnson
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School may sell family center building


The Moose Lake School Board, in a working meeting on Wednesday, June 21, discussed selling the family center located at 316 Elm Avenue, Moose Lake, and the playground at the old school. They also listed the estimated costs of completing all of the portions of the new school that have not been completed, such as the athletic complex, the storage building and the k-2 playground.

“I feel that it is the time to sell the family center,” said Superintendent Robert Indihar. “The money could be put to good use. We need to get some advice and then put it on the market or sell it ourselves.”

The board also agreed that Indihar should talk to the city about purchasing the playground property and equipment.

The board spent the remainder of the meeting listing the cost estimates for all of the portions of the athletic complex that will not be completed with the bond funds.

The only portion of the athletic complex that will be completed this summer is the track, it has been said.

“They are getting done with the new school, but the bond funds left are close to zero,” said Indihar. “But there is $230,000 in interest that we earned before the bond funds were spent.”

Indihar explained that the projects that have been completed or are scheduled for completion are under the contract for the new school. Other projects no longer scheduled for completion under the contract could be completed by the school district itself.

“Perhaps we could do it cheaper,” he added.

Completing the baseball field was the top priority, board member Jamie Jungers pointed out.

That field was estimated to cost $180,000 with lights, or $120,000 without lights.

Board member Kris Lyons said lights are needed later in the summer season when the daylight hours begin to shorten.

The list of items needed to complete the athletic complex include: finishing the baseball field, softball field and football field, paving the parking lot, fencing around the fields, building a concession stand, a well for the irrigation system and concession stand restrooms, and a mound system for the restrooms.

The track and field areas will be completed with the bond funds, but there were no funds for equipment, it was said. There would be costs for a communications system to be installed to the fields, as well as wiring and a transformer for the lights and scoreboards.

Besides the parking lot, an asphalt pad was needed under the bleachers and for the walkways.

A storage building under 5,000 square feet was needed for storage of maintenance equipment. If it is over 5,000 square feet, a sprinkler system would have be installed, adding greatly to the cost, said Indihar.

Purchasing equipment and completing the k-2 playground was included, as well as equipment for the fitness center, and track and field equipment.

The list of estimated costs were added and came to less than $2 million, it was said.

“These are all guesstimates,” said Jungers. “We need to hire someone to get more firm estimates.”

Indihar replied those were good numbers.

He recommended the board concentrate on three items from the list: the baseball field, well and fitness center. He also said the storage building is a priority.

“We have storage here for a year or so,” he added. “We will need storage soon.”

Indihar reported the new school was expected to be completed June 29, but it is taking longer.

“The end date is a moving target,” he said.

More information will be obtained, and the topics will be brought to the next meeting of the board on July 17 for further discussion. That meeting will still be held in the old school, it was said.


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