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Local woman jailed

Daron Mainville arrested in stabbing


Daron Mainville

A 20-year-old area woman is facing four felony counts following an early morning incident in Finlayson, in which a man had to be life flighted to the Twin Cities.

On Tuesday, Daron Rose Mainville of Moose Lake was charged with assault in the first degree, and three charges of assault in the second degree.

According to the charging document:

Authorities were called to an apartment on Broadway Street in Finlayson at 2:55 a.m. on Sunday. A man called 911 to report he was stabbed with a 12-inch butcher knife and feared he was bleeding out. He said he feared that Mainville was going to kill him.

Authorities also received a 911 call from Mainville saying she stabbed a man, and was worried the victim was going to die and she would be going to prison.

When authorities arrived, Mainville was covered with blood, and she pointed out the victim in a parking lot behind a church. The victim had been cut on his head and abdomen, and had a deep laceration from his upper chest to mid-abdomen. The facial cut started between the victim's eyebrows to the hairline, almost to his left ear. Two deputies noted the man had lost a large amount of blood.

An ambulance crew arrived and immediately determined the victim would need to be airlifted.

Before leaving, the victim said he was dating Mainville, and she had just moved in. After his shift, he said Mainville was passed out drunk in her car. He said they began arguing from after work until they got home, and Mainville hit him in the head with a frying pan. He further stated that Mainville told him she was going to kill him, after grabbing a knife, and they wrestled over the knife. At this point, the interview was over since the helicopter was ready to leave.

As of the time the complaint was written, the man was still receiving treatment for life-threatening injuries at a Twin Cities hospital.

Authorities then interviewed Mainville, who said the victim had been serving her drinks at the Finlayson bar, even though she is not 21, and she had been in the bar that night. She said he became jealous that night when she was talking to another man at the bar. Mainville further claimed the victim pushed her to the ground, and was hitting and choking her, and she originally had grabbed the knife.

Inside the apartment, there was a large amount of blood covering the floors and walls, in addition to outside the apartment building.

Seven hours after the incident, she provided a breathalyzer test to jail staff that showed an alcohol reading of .102, or over the legal limit if she were to drive. After there was no alcohol left in her system, Mainville agreed to answer additional questions after being advised of her rights. She said there was an argument, and she only remembered swinging a knife toward the victim once.

The maximum penalty for first-degree assault is 20 years in prison. The maximum penalty for the three various second-degree assaults are between seven and 10 years in prison.


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