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By Eddie Jane Pelkey
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Local ball field to be dedicated


John Lund, a representative of the Kettle River softball team, proposed to the Kettle River City Council at its meeting April 11 that the Kettle River Softball Park be dedicated to Rick Peterson, a longtime mail carrier in Kettle River who died suddenly early this year.

Peterson was a familiar sight delivering mail throughout the surrounding area. He was a friendly and dedicated member of the community.

The council approved the proposal.

Fundraising will be held to raise monies to place a memorial plaque and signage at the park.

The park will be dedicated in his name this summer. Lake Country Power will drill holes and put up posts for signage at no cost. They will also replace the posts for a replacement backstop.

Chickens in Kettle River

Three residents of Kettle River asked the council to approve raising chickens on their Kettle River property. A variance was approved to accommodate the requests.

The chickens must be contained, are not allowed to free range and roosters are not allowed. They cannot have more than 10 hens.

Fire department

Fire Chief Bob Hattenberger reported two resignations on the fire department and one new recruit was approved.

Hattenberger also stated the department needs new turnout gear as the current gear is 10 years old and out of compliance with current standards. The cost is $1,564 per set.

The headers over the fire department doors need to be replaced due to rotted wood caused by a slope in the ceiling of the building. According to Hattenberger, “Major work needs to be done. The leak over the small door is over the first responder truck.

Water testing

Public Works Supervisor Dave Isaacson reports the results from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) water testing at the lift station and county shop taken in February have been received.

"There were some by-products present that are a result of the sodium hypochlorite that is injected into the water, to aid in the removal of iron and manganese and to kill any bacteria, mixing with organic materials already in the water," he said.

Testing will be done again in May. "If the test results come back higher than the maximum allowed levels, the city and MDH will consider implementing a plan to remedy this nuisance problem,” said Isaacson. The settings on the tower have been changed to turn over the water more often, to prevent it from becoming stagnant, he said.

Isaacson also stated he received a quote from HD Supply for new Sensus Iperl water meters at a cost of $123 each. The meters are new technology, no moving parts and are more accurate than the original meters. Twenty meters would cost $2,460. The purchase was approved pending budget constraints.

Wallace resigns

Council member John Wallace resigned from the council leaving a vacancy. Mayor George Klaskin suggested the council appoint a new member and suggested David Lucas. Two council members wanted to advertise the vacancy. With a tied vote, Klaskin voted and broke the tie. Lucas was appointed to the Kettle River City Council.

The next meeting of the Kettle River City Council is set for Tuesday, May 9, at 7 p.m. in city hall.


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