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By Lois E. Johnson
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Dog rescued from icy waters


Joe Jamros

Moose Lake firefighters rescued this dog from the icy waters of Island Lake April 1. The dog walked on the ice about 50 yards from shore and fell through. Firefighters Chad Davidson (standing in water) and Tom Paull are shown during the rescue.

Moose Lake firefighters rescued a dog from the icy waters of Island Lake on Saturday, April 1.

"We received a call on Saturday afternoon and responded to the scene," said Fire Chief Jim Michalski. "The dog had walked out onto the ice and had fallen into the water about 50 yards out from shore."

Michalski said two firefighters, Tom Paull and Chad Davidson, got into cold water rescue suits and Paull scooted out to the dog, pulling along a Stokes basket used for moving accident victims.

He also was connected to Davidson, who stood in the water along the shore, by a rope.

Paull reached the dog and secured him with a catch pole, a tool the firefighters had learned to use in animal rescue training, and brought the dog to the Stokes basket.

Paull scooted back toward shore, pushing the dog in the basket.

"I was watching from shore," said Michalski. "It all went well."

The owner of the dog was on shore to welcome the dog. Michalski said he could not disclose the name of the owner.


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