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By Eddie Jane Pelkey
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Looking forward to sunny days

Escape with Eddie


I've been feeling a bit housebound for the last few months. Now that the weather has been more agreeable, I have been venturing outdoors a lot more. The sidewalk in front of my door has been shedding its layer of snow and the garden shed deck is once again showing wood, not ice.

The other day, neighbor Claire and I drove up to Duluth to have lunch at Red Lobster. I felt like I hadn’t been to the city for a year. It was empowering and I realized after this long winter, I am looking forward to springtime and robins hopping around the yard.

Sister Ginnie is going on a trip to the Caribbean. It is wonderful for her to have this opportunity to get away from the winter of Minnesota and indulge in the sunshine of a tropical climate. I do not know how I would have coped with the last months if she hadn’t been here with me. My sister is a blessing in my life. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all my neighbors and friends for all of their help over these months. Don’s friends and fellow church members have been a blessing.

The plans for Don’s garden are proceeding with full steam. Melinda Ninefeldt called and offered to start some tomato and pepper plants for me. I will start squash, pumpkin, one zucchini plant (basically as a joke, as Donald hated zucchini) and a few other things. I plan to start lettuce, radishes and spinach in the little greenhouse. I am hoping to get a couple of helping hands to weed and hoe. I would like to have fresh vegetables for the food shelf this summer as an honor to Don. He was such an avid gardener and I do not want to see this garden go to weeds and waste.

Everything will not be work, as I would like to have visitors come and stay during the summer months. Ginnie and I are getting out so much more now that the sun is shining brighter in the skies. Last fall, Don bought a large raised garden box for the front deck. We will be planting some salad veggies and herbs in it. It will be a lot easier to weed as I will not have to bend over to snare those pesky things.

I am even considering having a pergola built on the back deck to give us some shade for the table and chairs. I don’t want to cover the whole deck, just a portion of it, as I put all the house plants out there in the summer. I imagine everyone wants spring to come just as much. I love the outdoors and can tolerate sitting on the deck as early as March and April if the sun is out and shining.

I hope all of you are enjoying this pleasant weather as much as we are. Looking forward to sunny days, hammocks and lemonade.


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