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By Wick Fisher
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Something's bothering me today

Wick's World


I woke up this morning. I’ll take that as a positive. Again, as in the past several months, something just didn’t seem right. I didn’t jump right out of bed like I used to. Lately, that’s become the norm. As usual, my back was hurting, but that wasn’t it. That’s also become part of the norm. I’ve had a few rough weeks following the election, waking up realizing what was wrong was the fact we had a mentally different individual in the White House. One who carries a black box equipped with codes carrying the capability to wipe out human civilization. But that wasn’t what was bothering me this morning. I got over that several weeks ago when I decided that only I would determine how I lived my life, no one else, not even the President of the United States.

Then it hit me. I had just let another individual control how I feel, which is not good, especially when it’s your first thought of the morning. Ironically, this individual turned out to be a friend of the president’s. The man in question is named Tom Brady — an All-American name for an All-American quarterback. I am not particularly a fan of Tom’s. We aren’t even on a first name basis. I most definitely am no fan of his team, the New England Patriots. They were recently voted as America’s most hated team, just ahead of the Dallas Cowboys who still carry the moniker “America’s Team,” or as they are called in Texas, ‘Mercus Team.

I really wasn’t upset with Mr. Brady just because he had just pulled off the most amazing comeback in Super Bowl history. I had no vested interest in this year’s game. I was more upset with the New England Patriots who are known as the poster child for the "cheaters" of the NFL. When you see a coach put up a clipboard to cover his face and wonder why, you can thank the New England Patriots. Many years ago, they got caught stealing the other team's play calls. They knew what play the opposition was going to run before the football was hiked. How was this possible? They didn’t hire psychics; they hired lip readers. If that sounds preposterous, the Patriots always seemed to have a bag of tricks up their sleeve. What I don’t get is the cheating. They have enough talent to compete with the best. My opinion is from the top on down, from the coach and owner to the water boy and the guy who inflates (or deflates) the footballs, they have the mentality of winning at any cost. That is fine with me, unless it includes cheating.

Poster boy Tom was accused of deflating footballs he used in cold weather games so he could have an advantage in gripping the ball. Deflating footballs is clearly cheating. It is in the NFL rulebook. He was never convicted of the act because he destroyed the evidence from his subpoenaed telephone before he had to give testimony. He smashed the phone like a fullback plowing through to the goal line.

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots showed no evidence of having cheated in Super Bowl LI. They simply made one of the greatest comebacks in the history of any sport by overcoming a 25-point deficit in a short period of time using a combination of determination, luck and skill. In the end, the sun came up the next day and it was just another Monday morning in America. For Tom Brady, it was a day to start looking for the jersey he wore in the greatest game of his calling. Shortly after taking it off his body, someone from the New England Patriots locker room had stolen it. As of this writing, Tom Brady has been "cheated" out of the greatest (and most valuable) jersey of his life.

I finally got out of bed and walked over to my dresser. I opened the top drawer and saw a piece of paper lodged way back in the far corner. Thinking I may have erroneously stuck a receipt in my clothes drawer, I pulled it out and unfolded it. In large type, the paper read, “YOU CAN’T CHEAT KIDS. IF YOU CHEAT THEM WHEN THEY’RE CHILDREN, THEY’LL MAKE YOU PAY WHEN THEY’RE SIXTEEN OF SEVENTEEN,” JOHN LENNON.


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