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By Wick Fisher
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Best strategy to get through the year

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I can’t predict the weather but I can foresee a turbulent 2017 in America. Like it or not, our country is about to take a sharp turn to the right. Let’s hope it doesn’t fall off the cliff. Instead, let’s hope for an exciting and entertaining, rather than a destructive and devastating, Trump presidency. All of the elements are in place for the entertainment part. One can only hope our country thrives and survives the personality of a single individual who has already made a mark on our nation’s political history.

The best strategy to get through the year is to concentrate on your personal life and those people with whom you choose to surround yourself. Here is my plan for chilling out: Wake up and immediately drink a glass of water. Greet the day with a smile. If you find you’re having a difficult time with the smiley face thing, add a couple jiggers of vodka to that first glass of water. Your day will change faster than a Trump tweet. However, the vodka should be unnecessary. Simply think about the most pleasant or humorous thing that happened the day before. There is bound to be something there to make you smile.

Place concern for your health at the top of the list. Again, it’s best to nix the morning vodka. Yes, studies show that a shot or two of booze, a couple beers or a glass of wine can be a health additive. The glass of wine with dinner worked quite well for me until the glass grew to quart size. I took my last sip sometime in 2015 and feel much better.

Get creative with food and learn to cook like a chef. The old days of a meal of meat and potatoes with a side salad that rarely got eaten disappeared with “Father knows best.” Foods and recipes have become global. Almost every ingredient on the planet is just a grocery store away. A healthy fresh meal will make each day a little brighter. As with alcohol, so it is with food. Moderation in everything is best. Add more fresh fruit and nuts to your daily munchies so you eat smaller meals. Be sure to get a dose of protein right away in the morning, even if it is nothing more than celery stalks in a bloody Mary. Actually, I’m not certain of the protein value in a celery stalk, so don’t take my advice on that one.

Toss the microwave, do not stop at fast food joints and throw away pre-packaged and processed foods. Farm raised fish? Get your fish from a lake or river, not a farm. Beware of the “Make America white again” slogan for it’s best to nix the white sugar, white flour and white salt from your diet.

Get an outdoor garden in the summer and an indoor garden in the winter. It’s not as hard as you think and it’s nice to have greenery around during our long Minnesota winters, even if they are just herbs, house plants and flowers.

Throw away the television or if you are bored by the long winter, do it with class: Get out the old shotgun to put the TV out of its misery. Can’t you imagine how miserable a television must feel anyway? Wean yourself off the addiction to computers and social media to which most of us have become junkies. Don’t ever text while driving. While you’re at it, do not put on makeup, comb your hair, drink alcohol or read a book while driving. I once witnessed a middle-aged woman cruising down Interstate 35 while reading a book. To no avail, I pulled up beside her and tried my best to get her attention. I hope she was reading “On Death and Dying” by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Every day you should write down your goals, study, give thanks, read anything that doesn’t belong in the trash, speak intelligently and most importantly, think for yourself. Have a good year.


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