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By Lois E. Johnson
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School construction on schedule


Lois E. Johnson

The front entrance of the new Moose Lake Community Schoo

Construction of the new school in Moose Lake is on schedule, and the building will be completed in the spring, construction managers from Boldt Construction reported.

"In the spring, the finishing work has to be completed on the exterior of the building and the grounds will have to be landscaped," said David Cran, field engineer from Boldt.

During a walk-through of the building, the classrooms in the high school, located in the south wing of the school, are nearly complete. Vinyl floor tiles and casework will be installed late in February, said Cran.

The terrazzo flooring is being installed in the hall to the elementary wing. The terrazzo floor will be installed only in the high traffic areas of the high school and elementary wings and in the commons area, located in the center of the school, just beyond the administrative offices on each side of the main entrance, according to the plans. Floors in the classrooms and halls away from high-traffic areas will be covered with vinyl tile.

The vinyl wall covering in the reception areas for both the elementary and high school has been applied. The pattern was chosen by the designer to resemble the patterns in agates. Agates will be embedded in the terrazzo design of the school's logo of a moose head rising out of blue water. The logo will be formed in the front entrance hallway.

The offices and classrooms near the front entrance are nearing completion. Sheetrock covers the walls, wood doors have been installed, the plumbing is roughed in and lighting has been installed. The lights come on when one enters the room. Large windows give a view of the parking area in front of the building.

The new colors - dark brown, beige and blue - have already been painted on the walls of the high school gym, which is located to the left side of the commons area. Windows will give one a view from the commons of activity in the gym, unless the windows are set to opaque.

Painting is under way in the elementary gym, located behind the main gym.

Concrete blocks are still exposed in the hall to the back door between the gyms and the auditorium.

The concrete semi-circular stage, with steps leading to the stage, is in place in the auditorium, and the wall at the back of the stage has been painted black. The floor slants from the auditorium entrance doors down to the front. There is a control booth at the center back of the auditorium, but there is no balcony.

The walls in the kitchen area to the right side of the commons area have been painted and the tile installed. Down the hall beyond the kitchen are the locker rooms. The music rooms are located behind the auditorium.

As one walks down the hall in the high school wing, the most attractive feature is a circular commons area. To the right is the media center, with large windows opening to a view of the front parking lot of the school. Skylights allow natural light to enter the area.

Two hallways intersect the commons area. The high school classrooms are in one hallway, and the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) classrooms are located in another hallway.

Back in the commons area, the terrazzo floors will also feature the blue, brown, beige and gold color scheme, with brown defining the borders of the area. Skylights over the front entrance hall brings natural light into the commons area.

Tables and chairs will be located in the commons area and allow one to sit and relax, enjoy a snack or a meal, and watch the activity in the gym, if the windows are clear. WiFi access throughout the school will allow students to use their devices anywhere in the building.

The auditorium is located to the rear of the commons area, and a wall between the double entrance doors to each aisle in the auditorium will feature a moose carved into the wood paneling, it has been reported by designers.

In previous meetings, it has been reported the athletic fields, located to the south of the school building, will be completed by June 30. Delays in the use of the fields until the 2018 school year will give the grass time to be established, it has been said.

"It's coming along," said Cran.


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