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By Wick Fisher
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Make miracles, spread good will

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If you are reading this, it means you are fortunate to have had one more Christmas. Many other celebrations occur this time of year, but I’ll use Christmas throughout this story, not because it is my faith, but because Jesus Christ is the only one whose birth I was able to attend. If you believe that, let me send this one your way. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

No, I wasn’t at Jesus' birth, although, I saw many replications during the years I was a good little Lutheran child. I loved Christmas and all of its pageantry and good will we spread toward men. Peace on earth, good will to men has taken on a new prominence in the two millennia since Christ was born. Most good will today comes in the form of a store for the poor.

Following this year’s elections, never in my 70 years on planet Earth have I longed this much for peace. Never have I longed this much for good will among all humans on this planet. Let me be the first to say, without crossing my fingers behind my back, without a hint of sarcasm or scorn, “President-to-be Donald Trump, I wish you the very best and have a great year.”

I say this for myself, for Moose Lake, for the Twin Cities, for Minnesota, for the United States of America and, most importantly, for planet Earth, the health of which is approaching perilous. I have believed in climate change for a half-century. For Minnesota, spring now begins a month earlier and winter comes a month later.

We need our elected politicians to spend the next year acting to save the planet our children will inherit. The promises coming out of politicians' mouths sound more like pillage and plunder than protection and preservation. Before we can be kind to each other, we must begin to be kind to our home, planet Earth.

Let’s give “Peace on Earth” a chance. Let’s bring real meaning to “Good Will to All Men” by being kind, saying hello, lending a helping hand and working on tolerating each other’s opinion. Let’s make 2017 the year a white supremacist crosses a line and hugs a Black Lives Matter supporter. Let 2017 be the year President Trump and the richest cabinet in the history of the United States rethinks of their wealth, not in terms of dollars and cents but in terms of their richness used for kindness, their opulence for compassion and benevolence.

What we can’t do is continue expanding a modern version of a Mason-Dixon Line that is so dividing our country and planet that it is ultimately killing our children’s future. Is there anyone out there who wakes up in the morning thinking, “I will act and behave in such a way that is guaranteed I will leave my children an uninhabitable planet?” Most of us wouldn’t do that.

Many of the masters, prophets and wise ones who periodically make their appearance — Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Confucius, Gandhi, Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, Mohammed and Muhammad Ali — speak of peace and good will. Yes, even Ali from the violent sport of boxing spread a message of peace in one simple sentence, “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong” while refusing to serve in the military.

I wish happiness and peace to all people. To the ones who left us in 2016, I say this, “We remember you. We say goodbye to one of the world’s greatest musicians, one of few who are so popular they can go by one name. Here is a shout out of 'Purple Rain' to Prince, who died in June.

"I say goodbye to my mentor and one of my most admired persons, my brother-in-law. I give a shout out of 'He’s a Rebel' to Pickens Inloe Jennings who died in July.

"The legendary and world renowned audio engineer for bands from Nirvana to Prince, from Brittany Spears to Guns and Roses, I give a shout out from his favorite band Blue Oyster Cult to Monty Wilkes." Monty died at his parents' home in Kettle River in August.

It was “The Summer of Sorrow” for those we lost. It was “The Summer of Blessing” for what they gave us. Let us stop hanging each other from the cross and instead make miracles by becoming peaceful and spreading good will. Let’s have the best year yet for our country and the world.

Season’s greeting to all.


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