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By Lois E. Johnson
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School board reviews athletic field bids


Pictured is the layout for the new Moose Lake Community School complex. The athletic fields are shown on the right and will be located south of the school building.

The Moose Lake School Board reviewed bids for finishing the athletic fields at the working board meeting on Monday, December 19. No decision was made to accept or reject the bids during the later school board meeting.

"We are strategizing on a path forward to get the best bids we can," said Katie Hildenbrand of Architectural Resources Inc. (ARI), the architectural firm.

She reported there were 15 divisions in the bid package and only nine bids received.

"Some were higher and some were lower than estimated," she added. "Our original estimate for the project was $1.5 million two and a half years ago, but the scope of the project has grown."

Superintendent Robert Indihar reported there were alternatives included in the bids, such as an LED lighting alternative on the baseball field. The bid called for halogen lighting.

The area south of the new school on County Road 10 has been rough graded for the athletic fields.

"That portion of the project has been completed and paid for," Hildenbrand said. "This bid package picks up from there and finalizes the project."

Earthwork beyond what is already there and turf establishment for the football field was included in the bids. A paved surface for the grandstand was included, as was a blacktop pathway alongside the football field grandstand to the baseball and softball fields.

The track would be paved in athletic asphalt, which is different than the asphalt people walk on, said Hildenbrand. A rubberized surface would make the track a bit spongy.

Painting and striping the playground areas for basketball hoops was included in the bids, but not the wood chip fill.

A great amount of chain link fence was included in the bids.

"Turf and grass were left off of the table," said Hildenbrand. "We have an amount budgeted. We'll do that in the spring. There is an alternate of sand for better turf estimated in this bid."

She also spoke of a wireless public address speaker system. The main part of the system would be located in the concession stand and the remainder of the system could be taken to the football field and track or to the baseball and softball fields.

The concession stand is not planned at the present time, but a site has been located on the plans. Electrical lines would come to that spot, in case the concession stand is built, she said. If the concession stand were built, it would have to have a well and a mound system for the restrooms in the concession stand.

"The construction on the school is going fast and they are ahead of schedule," said Hildenbrand. "When the contingency fund is released, there will be a bucket of money. By then, we'll be down to the fine details. The planning process has to be in place. After March 1, we'll see what we'll do with it."

Hildenbrand recommended rebidding some of the units in the bid package. She suggested the bids could be called for and set the middle of January for the bids to be due.

Since the bids were not accepted, the board did not discuss the wish list of items, such as the concession stand building, that would be built if there were enough leftover contingency funds.


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