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By Eddie Jane Pelkey
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Now is the time for thanks

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This is the time of year when we find ourselves facing the winter season, holidays and all sorts of family events. It is a time when we remind ourselves of our many blessings. It is also a time of change.

The contentious election is history. It has been followed by elation on one side and anger on the other. Unlike yin and yang, the two sides are not complementary. For myself, I am thankful it is over and we can get on with changes in government. Our political system does function well. A democracy does not ensure everyone will be happy. However, all of us can be thankful we live in a country where we can disagree with the powers that be and not be silenced for it.

I am personally very thankful this year. I am thankful I live in a community that has stellar emergency first responders. Last Sunday, Don fell on the kitchen floor. I heard the crash in my office just below the kitchen area. Within 30 seconds my sister, Ginnie, ran in the office and said, “Don fell.” Those words scared the living daylights out of me. An apt phrase, I might add. Nothing prepares us for this kind of emergency. We all pray it won’t happen in our household.

A minute later I was up in the kitchen. I asked Don where he had pain. “I don’t have any,” he replied. This raised my hope. We attempted to help him up off the floor. It was quickly evident something was, indeed, wrong. I called 911 and asked for first responders and an ambulance. At this point, when the first responders arrived, I realized I live in a wonderful community. They worked efficiently to check Donald and to determine his needs. An ambulance was clearly indicated. In the meantime, the first responders from the Kettle River Volunteer Fire Department did a wonderful job of assessing Don’s needs.

When the ambulance arrived, the EMT’s were great. With great care, they rolled him onto a blanket carrier. It was at this point I realized he had broken a hip. However, the only time he was in any pain was when they had to manipulate his left hip.

His care in the Mercy emergency room was absolutely top notch. I say this because I really want all community members to realize we have a wonderful medical facility available to us in Moose Lake. There are a lot of people who think you need “big city medicine” to deal with serious health problems. I can assure you our medical clinic and hospital facilities are extremely professional, knowledgeable and exacting in their practice of medical technique.

Don was seen, assessed and admitted in a timely manner. Dr. Gregerson was contacted and met with Donald after he was moved to his room. Every staff member I met was courteous and professional. From the moment of admission to the surgical waiting room, everyone was very helpful. Did we feel we had to go to Duluth for treatment? Absolutely not.

I am convinced anytime a person in need of medical or surgical care can stay in their home community it is a blessing. I cannot imagine a daily trek to Duluth to visit Don. When I had my total knee surgeries, I was at St. Luke’s. I told Don he was absolutely not to make that drive to visit. We could talk on the phone. Now, with him in Mercy, I can see him every day.

The other good news is he can stay right where he is and be discharged from the hospital and admitted to a swing bed. This way the nursing care becomes nursing home care, instead of the higher cost hospital care. You have the same staff and are familiar with the surroundings.

No, none of us ever plans for accidents. But what I have learned from this experience is I am truly thankful I live in this very special community, with all you every special people.

So, I will say THANKS for this community having the foresight to have a community hospital that is truly wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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