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By C.M. Swanson
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

Massive propane tank travels through Moose


C.M. Swanson

A specially devised trailer swings out to allow this massive propane tank to make the turn onto Arrowhead Lane in Moose Lake last week.

It was such an impressive sight it gathered bystanders, stopped traffic and caused conversations to begin among strangers. Early Tuesday afternoon, October 11, a massive propane tank, nearly one block long, entered Moose Lake on Highway 27 at the rate of less than one mile per hour. Approaching the intersection of Arrowhead Lane and making the turn onto Arrowhead Lane took close to half an hour.

Heidi Gustavson

At nearly one block long, this propane tank slowly turns into Moose Lake last week, shutting down the road and gathering bystanders.

During that time, many comments were heard from people who gathered to witness the skills and abilities of Capital City Group as the entourage of crew members walked along with techy gadgets in their hands measuring possible moves with potential outcomes, relaying their information to the driver.

The specially devised trailer swung out from the load in the front and the back as the truck jockeyed back and forth to make the turn, which it did successfully, to the utter amazement of bystanders. The load then proceeded to Interstate 35 with a final destination of Detroit, Michigan.


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