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By Wick Fisher
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Find love in a 'sick' world

Wick's World


The first Facebook post I read this morning stated, “We are living in a sick world.”

A half dozen people had already agreed with the comment. My wife was the lone dissenter when she posted one word, “Sick?”

I was thankful at least one individual agreed with me and it happened to be the one whose judgment I revere the most. In my humble opinion, the main reason for the masses feeling our world and America is "sick" is the lack of love for our fellow human being.

We are enduring the most abhorrent political season in my lifetime. Even the protests, demonstrations, riots and Vietnam War effort of the Sixties, all of which I actively participated in, did not contain nearly as much of the vitriolic hatred so evident in the presidential campaign of today. The rhetoric surrounding our candidates reeks of lies, deceit, shadow money, class war, economic war, racial war and wars about everything except Orson Welles' 1938 “War of the Worlds.”

The sheer amount of fighting amongst ourselves could lead one to assume we live in a "sick" society. America, especially during the Olympic Games, prides itself on being No. 1. Let’s not forget America is No. 1 in the world in many categories. We lead the world in the number of incarcerated. We are, by far, ahead of all other countries in the number of car thefts. We are the fattest, most obese society the modern world has ever seen. So, if you envision our country as a bunch of thieving, criminal slobs, I guess there is a real valid position for calling our country "sick."

I tend to view things differently, as did my wife when she questioned the perceived ailment that supposedly dominates our country. I guess the simplest way to state my world view is with the old cliché, “Look on the bright side of life.” To this day, I find myself humming a 1930 Fats Waller tune, “On the Sunny Side of the Street.” I begin every morning singing along with a song written by my fellow South Dakotan, Tom Peterson, called, “On That Beautiful Day.” When I grow weary of the cliché, “Same old tune, different day,” then I will substitute Louis Armstrong’s 1967 hit song, “What a Wonderful World.”

My philosophy in life is the world is what you make of it. We all create our own reality and if your reality is the world is "sick," then that is obviously the world you will live in. If, on the other hand, you believe, as I do, life is a beautiful gift given to humans to enjoy, then enjoy life in a beautiful way is what you will do.

I awake every morning to greet the earth, sun, sky, water, trees, birds and all of the beauty that is our world. Then I go about enjoying each and every day to the fullest.

My first order of business is to open my email to a “Daily Quote" to which I subscribe. I had already picked out the subject of our "sick" world before I read today’s very timely quote from Abraham-Hicks, “There is not a stream of badness and a stream of goodness, or sickness or wellness. There is only a Stream of Well-being. The question that you're wanting to ask yourself is, 'In this moment, am I letting it in or not? Am I allowing it or am I not?'"

I’m not espousing a new religion or esoteric philosophy. Each and every one of us needs and deserves to have our own way of looking at life. All I am saying is maybe we could look at each other with love in our hearts and not with the pervasive fear and hatred that allows us to live in a "sick" society ... amen.


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