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By Lois E. Johnson
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New school details presented to board


Lois E. Johnson

The sliced agates can be seen in this sample for the moose's head in the school's logo that will be embedded in the floor of the entrance to the new school.

Katie Hildenbrand and Lindsey Fetzik of Architectural Resources Inc. (ARI) presented details about the athletic fields, new bus garage, playground and interior flooring for the new school to the Moose Lake School Board at a working meeting on Monday, August 15.

"We are finalizing the site plan," Hildenbrand told the board. "We'll hit the streets (call for bids) with it in September."

Hildenbrand added the bids are expected to be opened early in October and then, if the bids came in lower than the $1.5 million budgeted for the projects, items from the wish list could be added back into the project.

One of the items with a high priority was the 42x24-foot concession stand near the athletic fields, several of the board members stated. The concession stand would also contain restrooms and ticketing facilities. A mound system for wastewater from the restrooms would also have to be constructed.

Additional lighting on the athletic fields was also a high priority, as were two scoreboards. The school's sign would also be refaced with the new school logo.

"Right now the contractor is clearing the field to a rough grade," said Hildenbrand. "In the spring, the athletic fields will be constructed to a finish grade."

A grandstand that seats 500 will be built by the football field and track, Hildenbrand explained. One of the features of the grandstand that could be added later was a press box.

Two sets of bleachers that Moose Lake owns could be brought from Willow River and placed by the baseball and softball fields, she said.

Other items that could be added were dugouts, a batting cage for interior practice, two tennis courts, another baseball field and moving the fuel tank by the bus garage.

Hildenbrand also spoke about the new five-stall bus garage, which will be located east of the existing garage and set back farther. Three stalls would not be heated and that section would be separated by a wall from two heated stalls. The heated portion of the building would also contain two restrooms, an office and a drivers' room.

The existing sewer system and holding tank would be removed and the new garage would be connected to the city's water and sewer systems.

Lindsey Fetzik, interior designer, showed diagrams of the flooring and how bands of color were designed to assist people in finding their way around in the new school. The terrazzo flooring would have yellow and blue stripes going down the hallways to the elementary and high school wings.

In a diagram, it was shown the flooring in the commons area would be a rust red around the border, with lines of the same color criss-crossing the floor of the commons. Blocks of yellow and tan colors would fill in between the lines.

There would be soft seating near the entrance to the auditorium, which will be located beyond the commons, said Fetzik.

"We are incorporating the moose in many places in the building," Fetzik went on to say. "The painted pattern on the walls of the gym is the chromosome makeup of a moose."

Board Chair Kris Lyons asked that a description of that pattern be written to be used in science classes.

The moose logo will be embedded in the terrazzo flooring beyond the second set of doors into the new school, Fetzik added.

"There will be a lighter color around the moose head so it pops out," she added. "The logo will be nine feet in diameter."

Fetzik also said a moose will be standing in the water on the wall between the auditorium doors, and will be visible across the commons.

Moose footprints will be embedded in the floor of the circular commons in the elementary wing and two blue waves will be embedded in the half circle floor of the high school commons, Fetzik said.

"We have ordered 90 percent of the interior materials," Hildenbrand told the board. "We made a lot of decisions in a short amount of time. We will walk through the new school at the next working meeting of the board."

The next working meeting of the board was set for Monday, September 12, at 5 p.m. at the new school.


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