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By Lois E. Johnson
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MLPD has Narcan kits


Lois E. Johnson

Opioid overdose kits are now carried in Moose Lake squad vehicles.

Two Moose Lake squad vehicles now carry Narcan kits, Moose Lake Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm announced to the Carlton County TRIAD group at the meeting on Wednesday, August 3, at the Carlton County Transportation Center.

"We got the kits from the Arrowhead EMS Association," Bogenholm said. "We have two opioid overdose kits, and each kit has two doses. It is a nasal spray, sort of an anti-venom for opiates. We will carry one in my squad and have one in another squad. A person can be almost dead and the Narcan can bring them back to life."

Bogenholm went on to explain the drug use problem has grown over the years.

"I'm in my 25th year in law enforcement and I never saw so much heroin and cocaine abuse," he said. "It used to be just alcohol. Now it is all hard drugs, like heroin and meth."

He added the amount of meth found in possession for first, second, third, fourth and fifth degree crimes now result in less penalties.

"Now, a bit of powder is a misdemeanor," he said. "They don't want to send addicts to prison if they can reform them. But there aren't enough treatment facilities."

In a recent incident, a man laid in a ditch for hours along Country Road 10 near Moose Lake until he was found by a woman out walking in the morning, Bogenholm told the group.

"He had been riding a motorcycle," he said. "We measured 180 feet of skid marks. He was probably DWI. He has a broken back and is paralyzed."

In another case, Bogenholm said a man had been arrested for selling meth.

"We worked on that case for a couple of months," he said. "The man said he didn't want to sell the drugs in Moose Lake because there were too many cops. He sold them in Barnum."

Bogenholm spoke about the National Night Out in the city park in Moose Lake August 2.

"We had good attendance," he said. "We talked to the kids and gave them stickers and Dairy Queen certificates. They got to see our new squad vehicle, the Tahoe."

In September, the Moose Lake Police Department, along with Gateway Family Health Clinic and Thrifty White Drug, will be sponsoring a community forum at the Moose Lake school about the "Dangers of Opiates," Bogenholm announced. The event will be Tuesday, September 20, from 5-7:30 p.m.

A meal will be catered by Chickadee's from Barnum.

Staff from the Moose Lake Police Department will also be teaching a 12-week program, "A Drug-Free World," to sixth grade students in Moose Lake this school year, Bogenholm said. The department will be reimbursed through state funding for the officer's time to teach the program.

Sue Wojciehowski of WINDOW Victim Services announced a new program is being developed where nurses at the Moose Lake and Cloquet hospitals will be trained to conduct investigative exams in cases of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Evidence will be collected and clothing will be packaged a certain way.

"The whole process takes several hours," she explained. "I am so glad to see that finally happening. I have been working to get that program going for years and years and years. With the nurses being trained to collect evidence, it will free up the doctors' time. This is rather exciting."

Bogenholm spoke about a couple of recent cases in Moose Lake.

"We did a search warrant on one house," he said. "We found child pornography on the man's computer. We seized the computer, but it will be several months before the man is charged.

"We had a sexual assault at the campground. That process is lengthy and hard to deal with. The man is from Mora so there is a lot of back and forth on that case. The girl was 12 years old. We are trained on how to talk to kids."

"Part of the problem with sexual assault cases is that very few perpetrators get prosecuted," added Wojciehowski. "The witnesses don't want to go forward with the prosecution."

The next meeting of Carlton County TRIAD was set for Wednesday, September 7, at 10 a.m. at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wright.


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