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By Lois E. Johnson
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Moose Lake welcomes new administrator


Lois E. Johnson

Tim Peterson is Moose Lake's new city administrator.

Tim Peterson, Moose Lake's new city administrator, spent just a few days on his new job when floodwaters threatened to swamp homes and businesses.

"There is nothing like a flood to get one out to meet people and introduce yourself to the community," he said in a recent interview. "Something like that puts you out there in a hurry."

Along with meeting residents and others who were helping to protect homes and businesses from the floodwaters along the lakeshore and river, Peterson found himself a spokesperson when he was interviewed by TV news crews.

"I was a media representative," he said. "I had to speak for the city."

Peterson described the process he was involved in as emergency response personnel made plans to minimize damage from the rising waters.

"The mayor and I initially met with the emergency response team," Peterson explained. "And we met with the residents to let them know what to expect and let them know we were there.

"I pitched in whenever I could. I helped pull equipment out of a flooded building and met with legislators and the lieutenant governor the same day."

Peterson said this was the first time he met Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, Sen. Tony Lourey and Rep. Mike Sundin.

"It was great to have them here," he said. "It is great to have representation become part of the recovery phase. They saw the damage and they let people know they are here to help."

Peterson has small town roots.

"I grew up in Somerset, Wisconsin," he said. "It is located right across the river from Stillwater. There are a lot of country and rock concerts in Somerset. That little town grows exponentially during those events.

"When the concerts are over, a convey drives across the Stillwater bridge."

After Peterson graduated from high school in Somerset, he came to Duluth to attend college at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), he said.

He was living in an apartment on campus at UMD when there was a knock on his door one day.

"I don't even remember what she came for," he said, "but there stood the gal who lived right across the hall from me."

The two later married and now have two children - Jackson is 9 and Layla is 4.

The Petersons are very involved in their children's sports activities and both are coaches.

"I coach Jackson's basketball, baseball, flag football and football teams," said Peterson. "He has grown increasingly interested in playing sports and swimming.

"Janel, my wife, is in her first year of coaching Layla's tee-ball team."

Peterson explained that Janel is in Health Information Management for The College of St. Scholastica and a company from South Dakota.

The couple found a lot of people involved in children's sports.

"It's eye-opening to be a coach," said Peterson. "There is a lot of effort from a lot of people for the young ones."

The couple has owned a home in Esko for three years. He said there are a lot of similarities between the two communities.

"Moose Lake reminds me of Esko as far as the people go," he said. "Moose Lake people are very involved in their community and proud of their sports."

Peterson's last position was as deputy clerk for the city of Proctor for three and a half years.

"Proctor and Moose Lake are similar in size in population," he said. "The size of the staffing is pretty similar but there are additional operations in Moose Lake: the library and the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)."

Peterson said he has been interested in moving into a different position.

"I've been looking forward to this kind of position for a while," he said. "This position is a great fit for me; I hope the residents feel the same. The communities have a lot of similarities."

Peterson has felt welcome in his new position.

"It's going really well," he said. "All of the staff has been great. We are working on budgets and sewer issues and we will be having contract negotiations. Hopefully, we can go forward with something.

"This is a nice community to live and work in. I hope we can continue that."

Peterson extended an invitation to the residents of Moose Lake. "If anyone has any ideas or anything that they need to discuss, come and see me," he said. "I'm always available."

Contact Peterson at (218) 485-4010 or at


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