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By Al Rose
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Outlaws out-slug Pirates


Al Rose

The Outlaws American Legion team defended their 8th District Division II title winning 12-10 over Proctor in Ely July 24.

The Outlaws successfully defended their 2015 8th District Division II championship title by out-slugging the Proctor Pirates for a very exciting 12-10 victory at Historic Veterans Field in Ely on Sunday, July 24.

The Pirates out-hit the Outlaws 10-9 and had a double, a two-run homer and a solo home run. The Outlaws had two doubles. Wyatt Lampel hit a grand slam homer to tie the game at 8-8 in the bottom of the fifth. Charlie Adamczak tied the game at 10-10 in the bottom of the seventh with a two-run homer. Rex Janke soon followed with a two-run walk-off home run.

The hitting by the teams clearly outweighed the pitching. Each team used three pitchers.

The Outlaws staked Chris Carlson to a 3-0 second inning lead, but he exited in the top of the fourth with three strikeouts, five walks, three hits and three runs and the score tied 3-3. Janke took over, but had a rough go of it, striking out three, walking four, allowing seven hits and seven runs and gave the ball to Hunter Halverson with bases loaded and trailing 10-8 after a solo home run in the top of the seventh. Halverson came through for his shining moment with a strikeout to strand three. The Outlaws throwers totaled seven strikeouts and survived 10 walks and five wild pitches with 10 hits and 10 runs.

Three Proctor pitchers combined for six strikeouts, three walks and nine hits, but allowed 12 runs. The Pirates had no wild pitches.

Proctor had two steals and the Outlaws had one steal. The Outlaws only stranded three runners while the Pirates stranded nine runners. The official scorer had Proctor with two errors and the Outlaws with three errors.

The first runs scored were in the bottom of the second and were by the Outlaws. Adamczak was hit-by-pitch. Lampel smacked a solid single to center. Janke clubbed a ground-rule one RBI double over a fence downed by a storm with a safety barrier erected in left center. Jesse Granfors' grounder to second was good enough for a fielder's choice RBI and 2-0. Nick Wegge's RBI sacrifice fly to left took it to 3-0.

Carlson walked the lead-off in the top of the third and a wild pitch allowed second before Carlson's second strikeout. A hit-by-pitch called for a short visit to the mound, but a smashed double to dead center was 3-1 and runners on second and third. A two RBI single bounced up the middle for 3-3. A steal put a runner in scoring position, but Carlson fanned his third.

Carlson's mishandled ball to third was scored a hit, but he was stranded.

Carlson's fourth walk to start the fourth prompted a switch to Janke. A wild pitch allowed second and a grounder to first moved the runner to third. A seeing-eye single fell into right for 4-3 and a two-run homer spread the score to 6-3. A three-hop grounder ate up Adamczak for the Outlaws' first error and a steal followed. A single to left and an error on the pick allowed a base and run for 7-3. A walk and a wild pitch for runners on the corners was escaped by a soft liner to Lampel.

Lampel's second hit was a double to the gap, but he was erased as Janke hit back to the mound and Lampel got hung up.

A Pirate reached, but Granfors gunned to first. The Outlaws' second error on the infield and a wild pitch put the runner on second and back-to-back walks called for a talk with bases loaded. A sacrifice fly to center made it 8-3 before a frozen rope to Carlson at third stranded two.

Halverson's walk was Proctor starter Michael Gales' first walk. Although Teddy Ryan got caught looking at three in a row for the starter's second K, Gales walked Joey Whited and it brought forth Matt Tracey to pitch to Carlson. Carlson reached on an error at third. Adamczak's RBI single to left closed the gap to 8-4 and the Pirates went to their lefty ace, John Aase, to take on the 2-for-2 Lampel. After fighting off three pitches, Lampel launched his first ever high school homer and it was a grand slam to left for 8-8. Janke and Granfors both fanned.

Proctor got a walk and its seventh hit in the top of the sixth, but Janke stranded two with his second strikeout. Wegge struck out, but Halverson sliced a single into shallow right and got the Outlaws' only steal before Ryan watched Aase's fourth K. Whited's fly to center stranded Halverson.

Janke started the top of the seventh strong with his third K, but a solo shot to left center put Proctor up 9-8. A ground-rule double, Janke's fourth walk and an RBI single to right was the Pirates' 10th hit and put them up 10-8. Halverson relieved Janke and got a pop out to short, but a walk loaded the bases. Halverson shook it off, steadied and got a strikeout to strand three.

Carlson's pop over second was dropped for the Pirates' second error. Adamczak cracked a two RBI homer to the left corner to knot it up at 10-10. Lampel settled for a walk. Janke jumped an Aase first pitch offering to just clear the orange netting in the power alley for a walk-off two RBI homer.

This is the second year in a row the Outlaws have won the 8th District Division II tournament. Additionally, the Outlaws placed second at their state tournament last year. The Outlaws will be playing in the state American Legion tournament at LeSeur Friday, July 29-Sunday, July 31.


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