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By Eddie Jane Pelkey
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

It's going to be a long year


Well, one convention is history and the other will soon be relegated to old news. I am prepared to listen to three and a half months of all the reasons to vote for one or the other party. “Frankly, my dear, (to quote Rhett Butler) I don’t give a ****.” We are going to be hearing 36 impossible things before breakfast and then someone will try to tell us it was really only 35.

Politics are not for the faint of heart. I know there are lots of people who really enjoy getting into the fray and preaching the gospel of their chosen candidate. I have made a decision about what I think, but I don’t have to push my rationale down the throat of anyone else.

My father once told me, “There are two subjects to avoid arguing about: politics and religion.” I believed that emphatically all my life and I’m not about to change now. I will say, though, I am fed up with the people who want to rewrite the constitution, take away our right to bear arms and think a politician is elected for life. If we do rewrite the constitution, we need two term limits for every political position: Supreme Court justices, senators, representatives, presidents (the same as now) and federal judges. There comes a time when someone becomes so smug and self-satisfied in their political post they forget why they are there: To represent the people.

I do think things have to change. Are politics rigged? By golly, I think so. Bernie Sanders kept saying things were rigged for Hillary and now Debbie Wassermann is on the political ropes for being (oops) too politically incorrect. I haven’t read the infamous email regarding the battle of rigging, but apparently Bernie was right.

In case you think these political battles are a new aberration, let me assure you they are not. Take Jefferson and Adams for example; they were close friends, then they became unfriendly for quite a few years. The did finally have contact before they died on the same day. Isn’t history interesting?

Political skullduggery has been around since the very first election of George Washington. Some of the things they had to say about one another would scorch our ears. I encourage all of you to check out the Founding Fathers audio tape from the Moose Lake Public Library and listen to it. Talk about a history lesson in politics. It will help to put this year’s pre-election months in perspective.

I for one am sick to death of a supposed leader who can’t say “radical Muslim.” I do as a matter of fact know some Muslim people. My only concern is that most of them are silent about the current situation. Their religion is being hijacked and being used as a reason for killing people. It is time to take a stand.

There will always be people who vote the party line. This year, however, we have seen some serious changes in politics as usual. This is the first year I have ever seen this much attention on presidential politics. I really do think this is the beginning of some much needed change.

I think we the people should really get serious for term limits. Our government officials retire, some even due to senility, receive incredible retirement packages, plus health care for life (free) and we all work to pay for this. Meanwhile, thousands of jobs have been lost to other countries, businesses have moved to other places, the tax structure is totally confusing and I don’t think the word "transparent" is in the Washington, D.C., dictionary.

Enough said.

Really take the time to know your candidate. Politically incorrect or not, I’d rather hear the truth than have a president who can’t say what’s real and a danger to all of us.


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